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Your organization has a strategic plan. You build operating plans to increase market share, reduce time-to-market, increase profits, and improve customer satisfaction. You also plan for leadership and workforce growth needs to support the plan. Unfortunately, there is often no link between the vision for the organization and the everyday employee performance management goals of your workforce. In addition, there is a lack of visibility into the leadership pipeline and no effective way to know where skills lie in your workforce.


  • Align key performance processes with organizational goals
  • Identify and track high-performing and high-potential employees
  • track critical skills and rolls
  • Engage your people in their own internal career development
  • software-as-a-Service (SaaS) means no software to install or maintain

The solution is the Cornerstone Performance Cloud. Align individual goals with departmental objectives and organizational strategy to ensure that workforce activity is translated into positive business results. The Performance Cloud also helps you identify and track high-performing employees, increase the quality of annual or interim employee performance reviews, and develop critical skills across the business. And if your business needs to track skills and competencies on the job and in the field, Observation Checklist, part of the Performance Cloud, allows you to track performance in real-time, on the job (more below).

The Performance Cloud also enables workforce and employee succession management through automated talent profiles, career management, internal recruiting and comprehensive succession planning capabilities. Identify promising talent and critical roles within your organization and ensure that the right people are promoted to the right positions. Benefit from smart internal recruiting, decreasing hiring costs while increasing retention rates. The Performance Cloud also allows you to manage the current and projected state of your workforce for sensible and strategic growth.

Finally, the Performance Cloud also provides comprehensive compensation tools to allow organizations to reward the behaviors and outcomes they desire most. A pay-for-performance culture promotes ongoing goal achievement, competencies strategically mapped to roles, and high levels of retention.

Key Features of the Performance Cloud

Goal Setting

Aligning business strategy with the goals of your workforce in addition to managing tasks enterprise-wide is challenging without a performance management system. The Cornerstone Performance Cloud makes it easy to set career and performance goals with the most sophisticated goal software available.

  • Monitor individual performance relative to goals
  • Automate SMART goal tracking and reporting
  • Ensure cross-company goal alignment
  • Drive accountability at all levels
  • View KPI dashboards at every level of the enterprise

Making sure our employees have a crystal clear view onto what the business goals are… this solution was huge for us.

- Scott Katz, Talent Consultant

Turner Broadcasting

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Employee Performance Reviews

Performance reviews require a lot of time to pull together and often get shoved to the bottom of the pile until the next review cycle. With Cornerstone's automated employee performance reviews, managers will be able to consistently and easily update employee performance evaluations throughout the year. When evaluation time comes, you will have relevant and accurate reports.

  • Generate cumulative review forms
  • Run 360-degree performance reviews
  • Manage off-cycle reviews
  • Ensure timely review completion through email reminders
  • Access graphical progress reports
  • Automate distribution of review forms based on hire dates or fiscal calendar
  • Create custom performance reviews

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Competency Assessments

Easily identify competency and skill gaps within your organization using 180- and 360-degree feedback, self-assessments and custom-built competency models. Cornerstone can dynamically generate an individual development plan and recommend training or developmental activities based on an employee's competency assessment.

  • Create and manage single-level and multi-level competency models or import existing models
  • Assess employee strengths and weaknesses
  • Analyze results in real time
  • Dynamically generate individual development plans
  • Track and store current and past assessments

We've seen a couple of really great benefits of the performance module so far.

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Automated Development Planning

A core feature of Cornerstone's integrated learning and performance environment is the development plan which allows managers to work with individual employees to develop personalized career development plans.

  • Develop high-performing employees for future job growth
  • Track progress of planned, free-form, on-the-job, and external training
  • Directly tie development plans to the competency assessment process

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Observation Checklist

Observe and Measure Competencies and Performance in Real Time, On the Job

In many industries, fulfillment of required competencies cannot be measured on a typical rating scale or as part of an annual review. Use Cornerstone's innovative Observation Checklist feature to systematically assess and monitor employee skills and performance in the field, while employees are doing their jobs.

Cornerstone's Observation Checklist lets you assign validators or verifiers to assess competence or successful completion of tasks as employees are at work in the field. For example, check off observed clinical skills as nurses are providing care. Or ensure compliance with critical safety procedures as your employees operate on the job in a manufacturing setting.

  • Give your verifiers, validators or preceptors easy access to observation checklists and replace inefficient, paper-based processes
  • Ensure that regulatory reporting is accurate and timely
  • Use pre-integrated competency models specific to certain industries
  • Specifically define observation ratings and methods

Employee Performance Management Using Observation Checklist Feature

The Innovative Observation Checklist Tool


Cornerstone Compensation manages all types of employee compensation programs including salary, merit increases, market adjustments, lump sum payments, and other discretionary pay components. Cornerstone Compensation also simplifies processes around administering meaningful incentive programs for the distribution of bonus and salary and delivers a range of tools to increase transparency and visibility for administrators and managers.

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Succession Management

Business Succession planning helps you develop multiple succession scenarios for any position within your organization. Easily develop succession plans that develop talent for future roles and map development paths years in advance before the talent gap occurs. Also measure employee retention risks and design development plans to challenge and promote your talent.

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Talent Pooling and Internal Recruiting

Cornerstone Succession helps reduce recruiting costs and time by identifying top internal candidates. Succession enables you to easily match available job openings with candidate skills, prior job roles, education, diversity, performance, potential, and retention risk. You can quickly search candidates as well as see an automatic candidate ranking.

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Organizational Charting

Cornerstone OnDemand's succession management tools include the ability to produce highly graphical and interactive organizational charts that not only reflect the current hierarchy of your organization (or specific business units), but also allow for modeling potential changes within the hierarchy.

Career Management

Cornerstone recognizes that many organizations today want to use technology, where appropriate, to turn push into pull that is, empowering employees to take an active role in their career development within the organization. Career planning is shown to boost employee engagement and retention, and helps your business to align employees with the best-fit roles.

Integrated Talent Profiles

The Talent Profile functions as every employee's identification card, detailing user record information, performance ratings, succession management data, Cornerstone Connect activity, ad hoc manager comments, and more.

People Finder

Work smarter by connecting with the right people, skills and interests across the organization

Today, information moves fast and changes daily. Being able to find people, expertise and experience on the fly is increasingly an important part of getting the job done in the modern workplace. Employees are also increasingly demanding new and more innovative ways to locate information and connect with colleagues.

People Finder allows users to quickly find co-workers on the basis of where they work, what they do, skills they possess, interests they've declared, and more. While viewing the search results, employees can immediately connect with others, send emails, or save the results as a working group or project team.

Cornerstone's People Finder gives your employees the tools they need to work smarter (and drives ongoing usage and adoption of the Cornerstone system).

Employee Recognition

The ability to provide continuous feedback with employees does not have to stop with the formal performance appraisal process. Increasingly organizations are deploying less formal types of employee recognition that can be driven by HR or by employees themselves.

Your organization can establish its own specific types of recognition. Maybe you only want to award a formal badge for a corporate-sanctioned "Employee of the Month" program. Or maybe you want to open it up and let all employees give out an informal "Pat on the Back" to any other employee for a recent working group experience. It's completely configurable.

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