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Support and Training for Sage HRMS

Dresser Support

Dresser & Associates Support is designed to complement Sage's Support Plus to provide your business a total support solution. Sage Software Support Plans are "Phone Help Desk Support" only. They are software support technicians. Thus, it is important to continue your relationship with Dresser & Associates. We can provide services such as system consulting, on-site support, HR/Payroll experience training, implementation and consultation.

Support Programs

There's no better way to protect and extend your software investment than with a Sage Business Care support plan. We deliver value to your organization by helping you reduce the time, resources, effort, and cost of operating your Sage solution.

Contact Support

Are you a current customer interested in purchasing a Sage Business Care support plan? Here's how to contact a sales representative:

  • If you're in the United States, call: 800-424-9392
  • If you're in Canada, call: 905-814-0503, Ext. 55809

Are you a current customer on a current Sage Business Care support plan with technical questions? Here's how to contact Sage HRMS Customer Support:

  • If you're in the United States, call: 800-829-0170
  • If you're in Canada, call: 800-330-2607

HRMS - More Than Just an Administrative Tool

Research shows companies plan to increase revenue by 8%, but only add 2% to current staffing levels. In this video, Mr. Laurent reveals exciting new solutions and services now available for Sage HRMS users and explains how taking advantage of these productivity-enhancing tools can help your company improve competitiveness and profitability!

Free Webinars and Online Training

To ensure a maximum return on your software investment, Sage University offers a wide range of training options. In each class, we’ll show you the most efficient way to get things done with Sage HRMS. We draw on more than two decades of training and software expertise to provide you with a proven curriculum, hands-on experience, and the knowledge you need to overcome real-world challenges. Explore all of your Sage HRMS training options—visit Sage University today.

Customer Log On

Current Sage HRMS customers can log on now to SupportPlus Online and to Sage University.