Develop a strategy for employee and organizational growth with PerformancePAM Talent Management.In addition to facilitating the employee appraisal process, PerformancePAM allows you to set goals, keep employee journals, and visually track employee and organizational progress over time.

PerformancePAM integrates with Sage HRMS and any other HR or payroll system to deliver a holistic employee talent management solution. Developed with direction from HR professionals, PerformancePAM is a system that encourages employee development and increases workplace performance and satisfaction.

Our simple implementation methodology makes our solution easy to deploy and sets you up to maintain your company's web-based, automated, totally paperless employee performance appraisal system with little effort. With customizable templates, progress tracking capabilities, notifications, goal management, and scoring, PerformancePAM will allow you to get started quickly and have a complete employee appraisal solution that will essentially administer itself.

On-premise or SaaS Deployment

PerformancePAM can be deployed in your organization in one of two ways. You may choose to purchase and own PerformancePAM or you may choose to obtain it through Software as a Service, or SaaS.

Browser-based Performance Appraisals

PerformancePAM’s browser-based employee talent management system allows managers and employees alike to access the system from their desk or at home through a web browser, allowing appraisals to be completed anytime.

Cascading Goals

The ability to create both employee and organizational level goals keeps your company focused on growth at the individual and corporate levels.


Schedule performance related appointments with other users in PerformancePAM. These appointments can either be housed solely in PerformancePAM or they can be copied to a user’s default calendar such as Outlook.

Visual Analytics

See an instant snapshot of where your employees’ appraisals sit in the organization, how your employees rate on critical competencies, and more.

Phrase Selector

The PerformancePAM phrase selector provides a competency and score specific list of comments a reviewer can choose from when composing feedback in an employee review.

Word Check

Word Check allows Human Resources to maintain a bank of words and phrases that PerformancePAM will flag as disallowed if a reviewer attempts to include one of them in an employee review or other employee documentation.

Budget Entry Screen

The budget entry screen allows a department to input a budget for salary increases and allocate the resources as appropriate while staying within budget.

Employee Journal

The employee journal is an area where employees and supervisors can record notes on goals and performance between appraisal cycles throughout the year.

Self & 360 Degree Peer Reviews

Preserve the integrity of 360 Degree Peer Reviews by letting PerformancePAM determine who views which screens. By default, PerformancePAM limits what peer reviewers see when they score appraisals, maintaining the honesty and integrity of the peer reviewed appraisal.