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Employee Performance Management Appraisal & Review Using Cornerstone HR Performance Software

Proactive Performance Appraisal

Companies often find that employee performance reviews are a source of stress for both the manager and the appraised employee, and once completed, they are filed and forgotten about until the next review cycle. Because the Cornerstone Performance Cloud is simple to access and use, managers can consistently update employee performance data throughout the year to ensure that end-of-the-year reviews are accurate, relevant and detailed.

Using this Software Organizations can:

  • Maximize impact of their appraisal process with review storage and tracking that makes past reviews accessible and informative in light of current performance
  • Reduce risks with a consistent, defensible appraisal process based on clearly articulated expectations and performance data
  • Increase accountability that encourages employees to be proactive rather than reactive

Flexible, Relevant Performance Review Processes

The Cornerstone Performance Cloud delivers organizations an automated, self-configurable performance review process that matches your current needs and can change to meet your evolving future needs. Robust workflow management and configurable review forms allow you to maintain unique performance review processes for each business unit or position, while remaining consistent within that business unit.

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