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Why Sage HRMS?

Software By HR Professionals, For HR Professionals

Effective human resources management plays a crucial role in the success of any organization. At Dresser, we believe it takes a group of people who have been and are HR professionals to develop, sell, implement and support software that successfully addresses the needs of HR and business management.

As the leading Sage HRMS business partner in the US, we have worked with hundreds of clients to identify their needs and deploy HRMS solutions that address their pain, streamline workflows, increase efficiency and directly effect the bottom line. We are HR Professionals, and we are proud to offer and support Sage HRMS because it was built by HR professionals, just like you (and us).

Addressing your needs and business issues

Most solutions for human resource management are created to make the HR professional or the department more efficient at registering and managing all employee-related processes and tasks. While cost control remains a factor, companies show a heightened focus on growth. A study among 1200 business leaders shows an average anticipated organic growth of 8% for 2011, while they expect headcount to increase by just 2%.*

Thus, HR–like the rest of the business–needs to assist in managing growth by expanding its strategic role in the organization.

Dresser & Associates is dedicated to proving solutions that will help organizations maximize their return on employee investment (ROEI).

*The Future of Core HR, Aberdeen Group, August 2010

Sage Select

Sage HRMS is the award-winning HR software that delivers a comprehensive set of human resources, payroll, benefits, training, recruiting and compliance solutions that lower costs, reduce administrative time and empower employees.

Sage HRMS features hundreds of standard reports, an industry-leading report writer, customizable templates and an easy-to-use query tool. Self-service and benefits enrollment modules automate workflow, streamline routine employee requests and improve efficiency and productivity.

If an organization's greatest asset is its people, then the HRIS can be its greatest competitive advantage.

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