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Sage Tax Filing Services

Sage Tax Filing Services makes it easy to pay your payroll taxes and file your returns on time. Our tax filing experts will analyze your payroll tax data, verify tax due dates, handle payment, and even provide you with status reports, giving you total peace of mind.

No more worrying whether your taxes will be paid on time. Sage Tax Filing Services pays your taxes to all the appropriate tax agencies in the correct tax formats—on time—with automatic funds transfer. Sage Tax Filing Services supports IRS EFTPS, state and local income tax, state unemployment insurance, state disability insurance, and related tax returns.

Eliminate Lost Interest Earnings and Enjoy Pain-Free Compliance

Since Sage Tax Filing Services doesn't impound your tax liabilities, you can save substantially on annual payroll tax processing costs and keep your tax dollars working for you. Unlike with service bureaus, Sage Tax Filing Services routes your payment electronically directly from your bank account to the taxing authority just before or on the tax due date. You never need to pre-pay your taxes to a service bureau, which eliminates lost interest earnings.

Avoid the anxiety of complying with changing tax laws. Our Sage Tax Filing Services compliance experts will steer you away from potential trouble by handling all government inquiries for you. You'll receive a copy of every notice received from the tax agencies and any correspondence undertaken by Sage Tax Filing Services on your behalf.

Full Reports and Simplified Summaries

Stay on top of everything with a full complement of comprehensive reports including a copy of your company's Master File Information at the time of account setup, tax information confirmation received by Sage Tax Filing Services, verification of your tax payments before they are made, and hard-copies of your tax returns—even returns filed electronically!

You also enjoy the flexibility of preparing your state taxes using a signature-ready return, or on your original blank return form. Easily verify your Summary of Wages and Tax Totals with tax information received by Sage Tax Filing Services, plus confirm payments made on your behalf by Sage Tax Filing Services with a Payment Summary Report that spells out tax due date and amount due, name of taxing agency, tax type, date, and amount paid.

We know that preparing and processing year-end tax forms can be a time-consuming and tedious process. So, why not let Sage Tax Filing Services relieve you of year-end headaches by printing and delivering your W-2 forms for you? We'll assign a tax professional to work with you throughout the process and you'll receive high-quality.

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