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Sage HRMS Human Resources and Accounting Software Integration

Sage HRMS is not only a powerful HRMS by itself, but it is designed to integrate seamlessly with other Sage software products to increase its power even more. Integrated HR, financial and ERP systems streamline many of the daily tasks and information processing required to efficiently manage business operations.

Below are Sage HRMS solutions designed to integrate with key Sage accounting and ERP systems:

Sage ERP Solutions

Sage Accpac Integration - Sage HRMS is designed to integrate with your Sage Accpac system, link to your payroll module, give your employees self-service capabilities, and help you stay in compliance with the law.

Sage MAS 90 Link - The MAS 90 Link automatically creates, inactivates, and updates the associated deductions and earnings in MAS 90 Payroll, eliminating the risk of input errors.

Sage MAS 90 & 200 Payroll Integration - Automate time consuming processes with Sage HRMS HR and Payroll integration with your current Sage MAS 90 & MAS 200 system.

Sage MAS 500 ERP Integration - Integrated enterprise level accounting and human resources software integration.

Sage Fundraising HRMS Logo

Sage Fund Accounting Integration - Quickly and easily exchange data between Sage HRMS Payroll and your Sage Fund accounting package.

Sage Timberline HRMS

Sage Timberline Integration - Sage HRMS seamlessly integrates with construction management software, Sage Timberline, to provide efficient accounting and human resources processes.

Sage Fixed Assets

Sage Fixed Assets - (Sage FAS) asset management software helps accounting and finance professionals to track and manage fixed assets. Sage Fixed Assets help to automate reporting and guard against regulatory non-compliance.