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Sage HRMS Train, Training Software Management Solution

It's no secret that effective training and development programs are important ways to increase employee satisfaction and increase your Return on Employee Investment (ROEI). Sage HRMS Train helps you plan employee training goals and programs to ensure your employees are engaged and receive the training they need to update skills, keep certifications up to date, and perform their best. Plus, with the right management training in place, your company can increase employee retention.

Sage HRMS Train helps you deliver the right training on time, every time. Powerful features enable you to effectively establish and administer internal training programs, track certification needs, and manage logistics. More than that, Sage HRMS Train gives HR managers the tools they need to evaluate cost/benefit relationships, analyze reports, and ensure program costs are managed effectively.

When installed with Sage HRMS and Sage HRMS ESS, Sage HRMS Train provides a full training management solution so you can:

  • Automate class logistics including locations, rosters, and instructors.
  • Define curriculum that employees need to achieve desired levels of competency.
  • Easily manage program costs with built-in analysis tools.
  • Quickly access data with standard reports, including certification and history.
  • Empower employees and managers to view course catalogs and other pertinent training.

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