Sage Alerts and Workflow (formerly KnowledgeSync)

Many slogans and top-lines have been applied to Sage KnowledgeSync; the one that seems to have adopted the most wide-spread usage and acceptance is "Alerts and Workflow" and Sage has re-branded the product to the user-friendly term of Sage Alerts and Workflow. It's simple, descriptive, and lacking the usual high-tech jargon. Other tag lines that have been used include:

  • "A smoke detector for your data"
  • "The right information to the right people at the right time"
  • "With Alerts & Workflow we do more with less at a significant cost savings to us"

Customers appreciate an automated system of notifications, report generation and updates that significantly reduces double entry, paper trails, and serves to create a streamlined user experience.

  • Alerts helps you monitor virtually all aspects of your HR and Payroll departments from notifications of new hires, changes in an employee's position, staff terminations, to upcoming evaluation dates.
  • They also assist in keeping you compliant with new tax obligations, dates, deadlines, and healthcare regulations.
See How Your Company Can Benefit

Sage Alerts and Workflow uniquely combines baseline strength data analysis with alerts, automatic document and report distribution, and workflow capabilities.

Among the questions our customers asked and were answered by Sage Alerts and Workflow:

  • In your daily business activities, have you ever felt like saying "If only we had known…"?
  • Do you spend time running reports or using analytical tools to look for "exceptions" in your daily transactions?
  • Does your organization have mobile or remote staff that need to be kept informed regardless of time, location, or communication device?
  • Would it be useful to have a single solution that could monitor and respond to conditions in all your business applications?