Total Care Program

Dresser & Associates remains the leading HRMS solution provider for one reason - we never stop looking for ways to better support our customers. We believe it's not about the HRMS solution you have, but having available support and resources to maximize its efficiency in your organization. Our relationships with our customers is our biggest asset, driving us to always support and exceed their expectations.

Dresser & Associates is proud to announce the Total Care program - an endless list of free resources and educational materials which help our clients utilize their HRMS solution to its highest potential.

Free of charge, all Dresser & Associates customers receive Total Care Benefits of:

  • Support in pre, during, and post phases of implementation
  • Live support for attacking issues at the point of conception
  • Knowledge and Resource Centers to more effectively manage human capital
  • Empower individuals to become more strategic within their organizations

The Dresser & Associates Team

The Dresser & Associates team is what makes our office so unique and efficient. Our office culture revolves around the dedication to give total support to all of our clients. Consisting of expertly trained report writers, professional account executives, and experienced consultants, we ensure our expertise is unparalleled.

Implementation & Methodology

With over 600 implementations under our belt, we assure you that we understand the ins and outs of a successful project. Over the years we have perfected our methodology to ensure the planning and execution of each system is conducted through the coordinated efforts of account executives and consultants throughout the entire process.

Our organization is built on relationships, and Dresser & Associates fits right into that model. It is apparent that they consider their role to be helping us make our organization function better. I consider this a long-term partnership."

Strategic Partnerships

We pride ourselves on deploying a team of expert consultants to plan, configure, and implement every HRMS solution we sell. Our professionally trained consultants work tirelessly to ensure each customer is satisfied with their implementation long after the work has been completed. Their training and knowledge in the HR technology industry is unmatched by any of our competitors.

Cadre of Consultants

Dresser & Associates stands alone in our approach to educating our HRMS clients in how to maximize its functions and features. To achieve this so effectively, we form strong strategic alliances with the top agencies in the country to aid each customer with necessary and up-to-date capabilities. Our partnerships and programs include:

Webinars & Training

It is not impossible to serve all of our customers nationwide - especially with the use of technology. Our free weekly webinars and trainings serve as our most popular resource for our customers. With live Q & A at the end of each session, our customers receive genuine one-to-one personal care.

Dresser & Associates' knowledge, level of support, and willingness to help couldn't be better. They truly go above and beyond. We get a phone call every month from our consultant." serves as the electronic hub which facilitates our abundance of services and resources. Not only can our customers find everything they need to know about the products we sell, but they also have access to hundreds of articles, whitepapers, newsletters, industry directories, event registrations, customer portals and much more.

Free Webinars and Online Training

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