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Sage Timberline Payroll and Sage HRMS Integration

Sage HRMS, the award winning hr software solution, integrates with Sage's key construction management software, Sage Timberline, to provide efficient accounting and human resources processes.

Sage Timberline Integration

Key Benefits of Sage HRMS HR & Sage Timberline Integration

Synchronize HR and Payroll employee masterfiles and benefits efficiently and consistently

  • With the BASpay Sage HRMS / Timberline HR Synchronization program you can efficiently synchronize Timberline Payroll Employee Master Files, deductions, fringes, and pay records with Sage HRMS Suite Human Resources employee master data.
  • Timberline Payroll processes complex construction and property management payrolls. Now, add the power of Sage HRMS HR and reliably transfer data for new-hires and changes to Payroll.

Speed Up New Hire processing for HR and Payroll

  • Speed up processing! No need to re-key employee data before running payrolls on new employees. Add employees to Sage HRMS HR then, quickly update the data to Timberline PR.

Automatic data translation available

  • Cross-reference tables map data so it can be recognized by both systems. Translation tables are available for all organization levels, company codes, deduction code, benefit codes and more. If needed, specialized versions can be developed with additional cross-referencing to ensure a smooth data transfer.

Validation and auditing included

  • The BASpay program includes automatic validation based on lookups and setup rules in Sage HRMS and Timberline to guarantee the accuracy of the information before transfer. Exception reports identify problems like unrecognized pay groups, departments, or pay codes. You can correct these errors or cross references before sending the data to the Payroll system.

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