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Peformance Management

Employee Performance Goal Management

Systematically Align Employee Activity with Organizational Goals

It's critical to align business strategy with workforce activity, yet managing each task for every individual enterprise-wide is extremely challenging without a performance management system. The Cornerstone Performance Cloud is an employee performance management software that brings you the most sophisticated performance goals management toolset available, allowing you to align your organization and workforce to achieve business objectives.

Business Strategy Alignment

Alignment with business strategy is crucial for every employee activity, yet managing each task for every employee enterprise-wide is extremely difficult without a performance management system. Facilitating employee goal setting helps maximize time-efficiency and on-target project completion.

SMART Methodology

The Performance Cloud ensures enterprise-wide goal alignment through cascading goals that adhere to the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, and Time-Oriented) methodology. Each goal may contain multiple targets and initiatives to provide specific milestones for measurement and users may define threshold and stretch targets to make the goals realistic. The system provides a graphical interface for effective real-time monitoring.

Cascading Goals

The Performance Cloud allows users to align their goals with corporate or business unit goals, or with their managers' goals to create a hierarchy that is visible throughout your organization. Each employee can view the corporate strategy and see where their personal goals fall into the corporate hierarchy. By using standard metrics and KPI's, users can create goals with cascading targets. Visual representations immediately let users know where in the hierarchy targets are not being met. Users can set, align assign, and track their goals and subordinates' goals. In addition, the system automatically calculates achievement scores for each goal based on goal results.

The ability to create personal goals and align them to those larger level business goals has been a big win.

- Scott Katz, Talent Consultant

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Balanced Scorecard

View your organization's performance from multiple perspectives at the same time. The Performance Cloud Balanced Scorecard frames the organization's goals with four perspectives: financial, customer, internal processes, and learning and growth objectives. Users can create Balanced Scorecards that comprise goals from one or multiple perspectives. These perspectives may be standard or tailored to the organization or a specific business unit.

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