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In today's fast-paced world, you can't miss a beat, especially when it involves your people. Helping talent grow in your organization takes time and requires your constant attention. Having a system in place to identify and develop strategic talent and critical roles today and into the future within your organization transforms an often-elusive process into one that reaps the rewards of a healthy talent pipeline.


  • Grow your bench strength
  • Improve employee retention
  • Lower recruiting costs
  • Plan for long-term organizational health

Cornerstone Succession manages workforce and employee succession management through automated talent profiles, career management, internal recruiting and comprehensive succession planning capabilities. Identify promising talent and critical roles within your organization and ensure that the right people are promoted to the right positions. Benefit from smart internal recruiting, decreasing hiring costs while increasing retention rates. Cornerstone Succession also allows you to manage the current and projected state of your workforce for sensible and strategic growth.

Succession Management

Business Succession planning helps you develop multiple succession scenarios for any position within your organization. Easily develop succession plans that develop talent for future roles and map development paths years in advance before the talent gap occurs. Also measure employee retention risks and design development plans to challenge and promote your talent.

  • View graphical summaries of each employee's performance versus potential in order to identify high-potential talent by division or other criteria
  • Build automated metric grids of any size (up to 5x5) and use drag-and-drop calibration for easy modeling of the organization
  • Pull in competencies to display the most recent ratings for an employee
  • Create a new development plan on the fly directly from a succession planning scenario

Talent Pooling and Internal Recruiting

Cornerstone Succession helps reduce recruiting costs and time by identifying top internal candidates. Cornerstone Succession combined with Cornerstone Performance enables you to easily match available job openings with candidate skills, prior job roles, education, diversity, performance, potential, and retention risk. You can quickly search candidates as well as see an automatic candidate ranking.

  • Apply rights-driven search of top potential candidates for open positions
  • Refine search by grade, position, experience, performance, and more

Organizational Charting

Cornerstone OnDemand's succession management tools include the ability to produce highly graphical and interactive organizational charts that not only reflect the current hierarchy of your organization (or specific business units), but also allow for modeling potential changes within the hierarchy.

  • Model the organization on the basis of performance, potential, or readiness
  • Use org charts in your succession planning process to understand the impact of personnel changes

Career Management

Cornerstone recognizes that many organizations today want to use technology, where appropriate, to turn push into pull – that is, empowering employees to take an active role in their career development within the organization. Career planning is shown to boost employee engagement and retention, and helps your business to align employees with the best-fit roles.

  • Aggregate important employee data in online resumes
  • Empower employees to explore internal career paths

Integrated Talent Profiles

The Talent Profile functions as every employee's identification card, detailing user record information, performance ratings, succession management data, Cornerstone Connect activity, ad hoc manager comments, and more. Talent Profiles show up across the suite in important places where quick access to information is needed – for example, in performance reviews, organizational charts, succession planning, compensation planning, and user record editing.

Cornerstone OnDemand:
Why Integrated Talent
Management Matters

Integrated Talent Management bridges the gap between employee development and performance to enable substantial improvement in organizational capability. Attend this webcast and learn how Cornerstone OnDemand for Sage HRMS can help you attract and retain the right talent.

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