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Peformance Management

Human Resources Succession Planning & Gap Analysis

Cornerstone Succession helps you identify and proactively address issues and opportunities years before they occur, and provides the ability to map out succession scenarios for any position within your organization.

Succession Scenarios

The Succession Management Planning (SMP) feature allows managers and employees to work in a structured manner to develop individual careers within (and with attention to) the larger organizational structure. With SMP, managers can record information about subordinates, including:

  • Performance scores
  • Competency ratings
  • Potential ratings
  • Retention risk rating
  • Possible future positions

Walk through a succession planning process in logical, graphical steps and utilize any type of custom metric grid (9-box, 4-box, or otherwise) to plot your organization or business unit. Cornerstone Succession allows for interactive drag-and-drop calibration directly from your metric grid for straightforward modeling of a team.

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Succession Plan Task

Gap Analysis

Cornerstone Succession provides tools that allow managers to aggregate employee data into a macro-level view of the entire enterprise. Managers can see what the organization will look like years down the road, identify skill gaps before they occur, and place promising employees on the proper development path to fill in those gaps.

  • Identify highly talented employees and nominate them for internal leadership or development programs
  • View graphical summaries of each employee's Performance vs. Potential

Flexible, Relevant Performance Management Processes

Cornerstone Succession can be seamlessly integrated with Cornerstone Performance to deliver organizations an automated, self-configurable performance review process that matches your current needs and can change to meet evolving future needs. Because Cornerstone Performance is so easy to access and use, and all performance data is centrally located and reporting is real-time and instant, managers can easily and consistently update employee performance data throughout the year.

Generate advanced searches based on keywords and priorities, and limit searches by specific organizational units. Once a set of employees are identified for the team, results can be saved and shared among project managers.

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Integrated Talent Management bridges the gap between employee development and performance to enable substantial improvement in organizational capability. Attend this webcast and learn how Cornerstone OnDemand for Sage HRMS can help you attract and retain the right talent.

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