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Sage MIP Fund Accounting and Sage HRMS Software Integration

The Sage HRMS Payroll and Sage MIP Fund Accounting interface facilitates and simplifies the workflow between your payroll and accounting departments. It allows you to quickly and easily exchange data between HRMS Payroll and your MIP accounting package, saving time and eliminating the hassles that often accompany duplicate data entry.

The Sage HRMS Payroll and Sage MIP Fund Accounting interface works with HRMS Payroll version 7.0 or higher and Sage MIP Fund Accounting version 4.6 or higher. The interface enables you to use HRMS Payroll to process payroll and transfer information to the Sage MIP Fund Accounting General Ledger. The import process in Sage MIP Fund Accounting will ensure that the payroll checks are applied to the correct account combinations.

The interface also provides you with the ability to preview the Sage HRMS file before you create it, while built-in reports ensure data accuracy:

  • Send your data at the click of a button.
    You can determine exactly what information you want to send from Sage HRMS Payroll, choosing by company, organization or check date. The information is exported immediately, so it becomes available for MIP to import.
  • Detect and reconcile missing information or errors.
    With Sage HRMS's G/L Distribution reports, you can easily reconcile between calculated amounts in Sage HRMS Payroll and Posted G/L amounts in MIP. Also, with the standard Exception Report, you can easily spot errors or items in suspense.

The Sage HRMS Payroll - Sage MIP Fund Accounting interface leverages Sage MIP Fund Accounting's preset distribution codes to automatically allocate payroll entries across a virtually unlimited number of account segments. This saves time by eliminating the need to duplicate the entire G/L chart of accounts set up in the payroll configuration.

Simplified Configuration

Set up your Sage HRMS system payroll codes with only the MIP G/L Code (Main Account Number) and an MIP Distribution Code. The Sage MIP Fund Accounting system will automatically allocate the payroll entries when they are transferred.

Track payroll transactions in detail or summary. The Sage HRMS Payroll - Sage MIP Fund Accounting interface can transfer G/L entries summarized by pay date or detailed by check. Detail transfers allow you to generate reports by employee using MIP's powerful report writer.

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