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Sage MAS 90 Link - Sage HRMS Human Resources & Accounting Software Integration

Enjoy automatic integration of benefits premiums and payroll deductions between your Sage HRMS HR system and Sage MAS 90. The MAS 90 Link automatically creates, inactivates, and updates the associated deductions and earnings in MAS 90 Payroll, eliminating the risk of input errors. Pay rate and tax withholding, plus other employee information required by MAS 90 can be entered and maintained in your HRMS HR system along with all other non-payroll employee information.

Compatible with:

  • Abra HR v7.5 and MAS 90/MAS 200 Payroll v4.1
  • Abra HR v7.6 and MAS 90/MAS 200 Payroll v4.2

Key Benefits of Sage MAS 90 Link & Sage HRMS Integration

MAS 90 Payroll set-up detail page — A detail page of all required MAS 90 Payroll employee set-up information is automatically installed in Sage HRMS HR and is included in the Sage HRMS New Hire, Rehire Employee and Job Promotion actions.

Automatic field mapping — 50 fields are automatically mapped between Sage HRMS and MAS 90.

Employer and code mappings — Employer and code mappings are selected from filtered drop-down lists to simplify and improve accuracy of these variable mappings.

Code mapping:

  • Employer Codes
  • Benefit Plan / Deduction Code
  • Organization Code / Department Code
  • Job Code / Labor Code
  • Absence Reason / Earning Code

Job and labor codes — Multiple Sage HRMS job codes can be mapped to a single MAS 90 labor code.

Tax information fields — Fields are updated from Sage HRMS HR to MAS 90 to support Federal override tax withholding, primary and secondary state taxes, and local taxes.

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