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Dresser & Associates, Inc. is the leading Sage HRMS Business Partner for Sage Software for one reason - we listen to our customers and are always striving to make improvements. Our business success is based upon building relationships one client at a time.

"Dresser & Associates' knowledge, level of support, and willingness to help couldn't be better. They truly go above and beyond," - Becky Nelson, Ford Management Investors

Our support goes well beyond the setup of your Sage HRMS system. Our goal is to help you and your organization become more strategic and to operate more efficiently and effectively. One way that we make sure this happens is by making available a wide variety of resources. We encourage you to take advantage of these as they will benefit your organization.

Sage Employer Resources

Sage Employer Resources is an exciting benefit included in the newly announced Sage Business Care Gold. Sage understands how challenging it is to keep up with the ever-changing employment, tax and reporting responsibilities. Available to you is a one-year complimentary subscription, as long as Sage support is maintained.

With Sage Employer Resources, a virtual encyclopedia of essential human resources tools and topics will be accessible. Sage Employer Resources features thousands of pages of potential content to help HR professionals succeed.

For more information, contact Brittany, or 866-885-7212.

LinkedIn Group - Alliance for Workforce Management (Sage HRMS Users)

Alliance for Workforce Management

Dresser & Associates has joined the social networking scene. A LinkedIn group has been established called the Alliance for Workforce Management - Sage HRMS. This group was created to better inform and educate the Sage HRMS community. Members of the group consist of a cadre of very experienced Sage HRMS consultants, HR & Payroll consultants, Senior Sage Technical Consultants, Sage Senior Executives, and most importantly, other Sage HRMS Users! We encourage every member of your organization to join the group. Click here to join the Sage HRMS group!

Other Social Media

Dresser & Associates is constantly seeking ways in which we can better inform and communicate with our Sage HRMS customers. Today, we are expanding our efforts in helping our customers not only maximize the utilization of their Sage HRMS system, but also to better utilize the flow of information for all of their systems to operate more effectively and efficiently during these difficult times.

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Customer Portal

Sage HRMS User Portal

Dresser & Associates has created a Sage HRMS User Portal. This valuable resource will help you become more effective in using your Sage HRMS products.

The Sage HRMS User Portals offers the most up to date and pertinent information, software releases, and reports. You can download reports to add to your library plus download the latest Sage HRMS releases. Educational materials, such as informational and product presentations can also be viewed. Sign up today or email Brittany, for more information!

Star-Info Newsletters for Sage HRMS

Star-Info: Newsletter for Sage HRMS

Dresser & Associates sends out a Sage HRMS newsletter on a quarterly basis. This newsletter provides valuable information plus tips and tricks about the different Sage HRMS modules. The newsletter is designed to assist our Sage HRMS customers use their Sage HRMS solution more effectively.

If you are not receiving this newsletter and would like to, please contact Brittany, or 866-885-7212. Every member of your organization is welcome to subscribe!

Free Monthly Training Sessions

Make sure you are getting the most from Sage HRMS by attending our free monthly Sage HRMS online seminars.

Dresser & Associates is dedicated to the continuing professional success of our Sage HRMS clients. One way we do this is by offering our Sage HRMS clients comprehensive web-based training. Sessions include basic to advanced levels of instruction.

Join us for some exciting new webinars! Visit the monthly training calendar and register online or contact Brittany, or 866-885-7212.

Free Webinars and Online Training

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