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Paperless Process Streamlines Onboarding

Think of all the time spent and paper involved with the onboarding process. Forms need printed, distributed and collected from new hires, completion errors need corrected, some forms need multiple approvals and information must be entered into an HR system and then, the paper needs to be filed and stored.
Imagine an alternate scenario. ¬†First, your new hire is notified when their onboarding documents are ready for completion. They log into your …Read More

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Developing Your New Employee Orientation Program

When developing your new employee orientation/onboarding program, there are a number of different aspects to consider, from the hand-outs you will be providing your new employee, to the structure and duration of the program. The following are some key elements of an onboarding program:

Give a warm welcome and try to reduce any nervousness the new employee may feel.
Discuss your plan for the first day.
Provide employee handbook, benefits packet, …Read More

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