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Paperless Process Streamlines Onboarding

Think of all the time spent and paper involved with the onboarding process. Forms need printed, distributed and collected from new hires, completion errors need corrected, some forms need multiple approvals and information must be entered into an HR system and then, the paper needs to be filed and stored.

Imagine an alternate scenario.  First, your new hire is notified when their onboarding documents are ready for completion. They log into your organization’s employee self-service portal from their home PC before their first day on the job. Immediately they see a small widget within the frame of the self-service home page that displays all of the forms that need completed. It shows the name of the form, its status in the completion and approval process, and a direct link to complete or edit the form. From here they complete their W-4 and I-9, sign their handbook acknowledgement, attach required documents, and make changes to their personal information—all online. Appropriate HR and other management staff receive email notification that the forms are completed and, if necessary, prompt management staff for approvals.

This is the future of HR and is quickly being adopted by many organizations that recognize the importance of an efficient, streamlined onboarding experience. Beyond just the efficiencies, organizations that provide employees with easier access to forms and employment information prior to their start date will often see improvements in employee satisfaction, retention and productivity.

Interested in learning more about how to streamline your onboarding process with Plugins for Sage HRMS? Contact Dresser and Associates today.

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