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Developing Your New Employee Orientation Program

Corporate employeeWhen developing your new employee orientation/onboarding program, there are a number of different aspects to consider, from the hand-outs you will be providing your new employee, to the structure and duration of the program. The following are some key elements of an onboarding program:

  • Give a warm welcome and try to reduce any nervousness the new employee may feel.
  • Discuss your plan for the first day.
  • Provide employee handbook, benefits packet, Form I-9, W-4 tax form and payroll details. Be sure to respond to any questions your new employee may have or refer the employee to the person in charge of benefits.
  • Lead a tour of the workplace, including amenities, emergency exits, other departments, and staff entrances and exits.
  • Provide information on parking, ridesharing and transportation services, if appropriate.
  • Review policies for telephone, fax, e-mail, security badge and Internet use.
  • Introduce your new hire to managers and staff.
  • Arrange to have lunch with the new employee, if possible.
  • Present an introduction to the organization’s mission, vision and value statements.
  • Provide the new employee with any special policies and procedure, which can include:
    • Computer systems and access to the company network or Intranet
    • Performance review process
    • Vacation and holiday policy
    • Grievance policies, including harassment complaint systems
    • Emergency evacuation procedures
    • Backup or information and storage procedures
  • General workplace information such as:
    • Work times
    • Meal breaks
    • Timesheets or other time-worked systems
    • Processes for notification of absences (such as sick leave)
    • Review of agreements, contract or bonus conditions, if appropriate

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