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Community Building and Social Networking for Employees

Employee Collaboration & Social Learning

In a modern workplace characterized by globalization, geographic dispersion of talent, and short information cycles, the importance of knowledge and information can not be overstated. High performing employees develop effective professional networks and incorporate collaboration into daily routines.

Corporate social networking and workplace communities give your organization the tools to empower employees to extend existing capabilities through information sharing, professional networking, informal social learning, and ongoing collaboration. In complex, dispersed organizations, this is hugely important – getting your employees collaborating effectively to improve performance and alignment.

Communities for the Employee Life Cycle

Cornerstone Connect is a complete suite of social networking and workplace community-building tools to allow for effective collaboration, networking, communication, and teamwork across the organization (and your alumni).

How Does This Impact Your Employees?

Workforce communities and social networking span the entire employee life cycle:

  • Onboarding: Connect new hires to the people they need to know to succeed and cut time-to-proficiency.
  • Performance support: It's not just what you know, buy who you know. High-performing employees take it to the next level by developing professional networks that drive performance.
  • Informal learning: 80% of training budgets is spent on formal learning, but equally 80% of what people actually learn in a job is informal and collaborative. Evolve your LMS strategy to include collaborative learning.
  • Workforce management: Identify key nodes in your organization by analyzing your social networks. Better visibility into your informal networks enables bottom-up, socially-driven succession planning (more powerful than typical C-level).
  • Internal Recruiting: Rich user profiles and active communities of practice make internal recruiting work. Cut back on costly external recruitment practices and find new sources of talent in house.
  • Alumni and retiree engagement networks: For business development, maintaining a priceless "corporate memory," and even for recruiting, building an organizational alumni community is a quick way to demonstrate the value of business social networking.

Why Cornerstone Connect?

  • 80% of the training budget is spent on formal learning, but equally 80% of what people actually learn in a job is informal and collaborative.
  • Subject-matter expertise only takes you so far in a job. High-performing employees break through by developing professional networks that extend their existing capabilities.

Employee Community Challenges

  • Breaking down barriers that stifle collaboration and innovation
  • Identifying the latent professional networks that drive your organization
  • Locating company expertise when it is needed most
  • Building a corporate memory
  • Retaining Generation Y (Millennials)
  • Engaging valued alumni and retirees

People Finder

Work smarter by connecting with the right people, skills and interests across your organization

Today, information moves fast and changes daily. Being able to find people, expertise and experience on the fly is increasingly an important part of getting the job done in the modern workplace. Employees are also increasingly demanding new and more innovative ways to locate information and connect with colleagues.

People Finder allows users to quickly find co-workers on the basis of where they work, what they do, skills they possess, interests they've declared, and more. While viewing the search results, employees can immediately connect with others, send emails, or save the results as a working group or project team.

Cornerstone's People Finder gives your employees the tools they need to work smarter (and drives ongoing usage and adoption of the Cornerstone system).

Employee Recognition

The ability to provide continuous feedback with employees does not have to stop with the formal performance appraisal process. Increasingly organizations are deploying less formal types of employee recognition that can be driven by HR or by employees themselves.

Your organization can establish its own specific types of recognition. Maybe you only want to award a formal badge for a corporate sanctioned "Employee of the Month" program. Or maybe you to open it up and let all employees give out an informal "Pat on the Back" to any other employee for a recent working group experience. It's completely configurable.

Whatever you choose, employee recognition badges are listed on the employee's Profile page for all to see.

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