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Cornerstone Connect Corporate Social Networking

Communities for the Success of your Customers and Partners

Cornerstone Connect is a complete suite of business social networking and workplace community-building tools to allow for effective collaboration, networking, communication, and teamwork in your extended network of customers and partners.

External Communities – Your Customers

Engaging in ongoing conversation with your customers about products, markets, and trends is a surefire way to develop lasting relationships that pay dividends to both sides. Cornerstone Connect lets you build a focused community that engages your customers in several ways:

  • By giving them ready access to product and service information, customer support costs can be controlled.
  • By keeping customers talking about your organization and products in between purchases, you can boost loyalty, retention, and repeat business.
  • By engaging customers with your brand, you can ensure increased mindshare and innovation from the people who actually use your products.
  • By encouraging feedback, you can reap real product innovation from the actual people using your products every day.

External Communities – Your Partners

Connecting with your network of partners is another way to drive real value from Cornerstone Connect. Break down the barriers between you and your partners to develop more effective advocates for your products and services and to increase the effectiveness of channels. Connect lets you build a focused community that engages your partners in several ways:

  • Partners, especially those in resale channels, can learn directly from your most successful resellers
  • By providing ongoing access to the latest information on your products, services, and partner programs, you can maximize the value of partner relationships.
  • Engage partners by allowing them to participate in user innovation and product development

Customer/Partner Community Challenges

  • Reducing customer support calls and partner training costs
  • Keeping customers talking about your products between sales cycles
  • Capturing reliable feedback from your customers and partners

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