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Why Sage HRMS?

Sage HRMS and payroll solutions from Dresser & Associates offer small to medium-sized organizations the tools they need to excel at employee management. You can elevate the level of service your HR department provides to your organization with easy-to-use software that helps you deliver crucial process and decision support to management. Sage HRMS solutions from Dresser, enable you to provide your organization with outstanding service that helps increase employee motivation and retention while you work to improve organizational efficiency by automating employee-related procedures. You can positively impact the bottom line by delivering crucial employee analytics to support decision-making.

HRMS - More Than Just an Administrative Tool

Research shows companies plan to increase revenue by 8%, but only add 2% to current staffing levels. In this video, Mr. Laurent reveals exciting new solutions and services now available for Sage HRMS users and explains how taking advantage of these productivity-enhancing tools can help your company improve competitiveness and profitability!

I Want a Solution to...

At Dresser, we know that HR executives face strategic challenges, economic pressures, and a multitude of tactical issues every day. We understand that businesses and organizations place a high priority on making their employees a competitive differentiator and that HR must be able to help the business align people with business objectives. Sage HRMS is designed to leverage HR's knowledge, processes, and systems to achieve optimal return on employee investment (ROEI).

Hey Dresser, Make my job easier!

No matter your organization’s size or focus, and no matter how long you’ve been in business, chances are you have employee management challenges. We have helped many organization optimize their workforce management practices and solve many problems—for the human resources director, executive officers, IT manager, and everyone in-between. When Sage HRMS solutions are put in place, you’ll have tighter controls over HR and payroll management. These benefits filter down to other functional areas of your business, so everyone from the top down can make better decisions, be more efficient, and work smarter - opening the door to greater profits.

Products & Services Overview

Sage HRMS, implemented and customized by Dresser, is ready to support your organization, offering several configurations to meet your organization’s needs, desired level of automation, and budget.

Deployment Options

We provide our customers with flexible and cost-effective hosting, and turnkey hardware and software deployment options for Sage HRMS. In addition to the traditional on-premise install, Sage has partnered with vendors who offer solutions that can reduce or eliminate the need for additional internal IT support for Sage HRMS.