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Protecting Your Company from Cyber Threats

Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly common and just this year big companies like Target and Ebay have both been the victims of a data breach. It’s not just big corporations that are at risk either, if you have a bank account, you are vulnerable. The Washington Post reported that more than 3,000 companies in the U.S. were notified by federal agents last year that their computer systems had been hacked.
The Human Resource department is …Read More

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Employees AREN’T Our Greatest Asset

Since I began my Human Resources career twenty-plus years ago, the phrase “employees are our greatest asset” has been expressed by HR professionals time and time again. As a matter of fact, this mantra was even the motto and tagline at one of my previous employers, an HR Consulting firm. Well, I’m here to say that employees are not our greatest asset, and if you look at the facts hard enough, this shouldn’t shock you.
Yes, we rely on …Read More

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Workforce Collaboration and Onboarding

The onboarding process for a new employee can seem daunting. However, innovative collaboration technologies can streamline the process, while making it easier and more effective. With many companies increasing their number of employees working remotely, it is imperative organizations make use of these collaborative technologies. They can allow you to:

Train new employees so they can contribute faster
Hire and retain the best and brightest …Read More

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Performance Review Benefits

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Performance reviews play a key role in helping to guide employees’ performance, compensation and professional development. When you think about it, effective performance reviews should result in helping you to achieve your company’s goals by aligning your employees’ development and growth with that of your business. Employees are generally more productive and motivated when they understand how they are contributing to your business. …Read More

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Paperless Process Streamlines Onboarding

Think of all the time spent and paper involved with the onboarding process. Forms need printed, distributed and collected from new hires, completion errors need corrected, some forms need multiple approvals and information must be entered into an HR system and then, the paper needs to be filed and stored.
Imagine an alternate scenario.  First, your new hire is notified when their onboarding documents are ready for completion. They log into your …Read More

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