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The Power of Real Multi-Tenant SaaS

What is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)?

On-demand software (most commonly called Software-as-a-Service or just SaaS) is a software delivery model in which applications are hosted and managed by a vendor and made available to customers over the Internet. Thanks to the rapid development of these Web-based services, savvy organizations are pushing aside traditional, cumbersome legacy applications in order to realize rapid, tangible business benefits.

Software-as-a-Service has proven repeatedly to be a successful and lasting solution for organizations of all sizes and types – from the largest multinationals, to small businesses and non-profits.

Buyer Beware: Multi-Tenancy Matters

True Software-as-a-Service is a complete business model - not just a delivery option or a checkbox on an RFP. Beware of vendors who offer to be the best of all worlds (installed, hosted and SaaS).

In the true multi-tenant SaaS model, there is one version of a centrally hosted software service that is shared by all clients. Highly specific configurations are maintained by the vendor for each client, so that no two implementations of a SaaS product might look exactly alike, even though it's all on the same system behind the scenes.

But only one aspect of real SaaS is the technology. This inherently versionless nature of multi-tenant SaaS drives a completely different relationship between the software vendor and the client. True on-demand software changes, for the better, the way products are marketed, delivered and serviced across the board.

Beware of the software vendor who tells you that you can have it both ways – installed and SaaS. This approach of servicing multiple delivery models misses the point of the real multi-tenant SaaS model and usually means that the vendor is supporting multiple versions and old product lines.

Why Saas?

Important Questions to Ask SaaS Vendors

  1. Is this a "light" version of another product you sell? Is your entire R&D going toward platform I am on?
  2. How many different product lines and code bases do you support today?
  3. Will upgrades be instantaneous?
  4. Is the application I am seeing today the one I am going to be buying?
  5. Do you have different support teams for different product lines?

The Benefits of Real, Multi-Tenant SaaS

A Partnership

The SaaS subscription licensing model and versionless nature of the product ensure world-class customer care every day. In other words, SaaS vendors don't sell you software and then disappear until upgrade time (or pass the costs of supporting multiple legacy products on to you).

More Control in Your Hands

SaaS puts more tools in the hands of the client. Don't wait for the vendor to make changes or tweak important configurations.

Low Maintenance / Low IT Needs

Versionless software means you are always on the most current version with the latest innovations available to you. No messy upgrades, no abandoned product lines.

Easy Configuration

Allows for configuration, not costly customization. Make sure you ask your vendor how changes are made in the system and how the system can be configured to match your workflows.

Rapid Deployment

Implementation timeframes measured in days and weeks – not months or years.

Limitless Scalability

Modern SaaS infrastructure scales rapidly with the vendor adding relatively inexpensive storage. Nothing for the client to buy or maintain in terms of networks or hardware.

On-Demand with Cornerstone

Cornerstone's true multi-tenant Software-as-a-Service architecture provides clients with high flexibility, reliability and lower IT costs. Because of the open design of the system, it is totally configurable to match the workflows and processes in place at your organization.

Cornerstone operates multiple globally distributed facilities which are supported by our new partner Equinix, a leading provider of global IT infrastructure services.

Cornerstone's service is subscription-based, ensuring a constant commitment by our team to offer exceptional service and support.

We release new features and enhancements on a quarterly basis, which drives incredible innovation of our product suite. New releases are immediately available across all clients – there is never a need to upgrade or patch your Cornerstone platform.

Cornerstone OnDemand:
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