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Capturing Collective Knowledge

Much of the real knowledge and learning within any organization is conducted on-the-job and through sharing information informally with fellow workers. This tacit organizational knowledge is priceless, but often lost because it is so often perplexingly difficult to capture.

Further, it is routinely argued that 80% of training budgets are spent on formal, structured learning (classroom-based, online, etc.) when, in fact, equally 80% of what people actually learn in a job is informal or social learning. This means, that our employees learn from co-workers, mentors, managers, and generally from on-the-job experience.

Social Learning and Workplace Communities

The Cornerstone Learning Cloud enables knowledge management, workplace collaboration and improved employee performance. By encouraging creation of new content and ideas and making it easy to join communities of practice, the Learning Cloud brings new life to social learning, organizational memory, professional networking, and better communication across your employee base and the extended enterprise.

The Learning Cloud is a complete social networking and workplace communities platform which includes communities of practice, rich user profiles, expertise location, tag clouds, rating/sharing content, knowledge management, blogs, wikis, podcasts, RSS feeds, and more.

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