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Business Intelligence to Drive Talent Decision-Making

Talent management processes generate a lot of data. Managers and HR practitioners need immediate access to persuasive HR reports and visualizations of this critical talent management data. The combination of timeliness and presentation turns simple data into compelling information that illuminates real human processes. Cornerstone Analytics helps your organization to make better decisions and optimize important critical business processes related to your talent.

Sage HRMS Talent Management utilizes a proprietary reporting engine that is included with our talent management suite (or any of its modules). Cornerstone Analytics also includes approximately 80 pre-configured reports along with a sophisticated custom reporting tool for the creation of a limitless number of highly specific reports. The application also includes powerful dashboard technology to present immediate views into the most complex HR data.


  • Transform data into useful information
  • Give managers the information they need to make smart decisions
  • Optimize business performance by transforming the way your people use data
  • Highly targeted reporting for specific groups of users
  • Immediate, on-demand access to critical talent information
  • Consistency in presenting data

Key Features

HR Reporting

Cornerstone Analytics includes over 80 standard HR reports across all functional areas of the Cornerstone OnDemand suite for learning, collaboration, compliance, performance, compensation, and succession. All reports (including pre-configured reports) have customizable data fields such as date range, user criteria, and more. Reports can be scheduled by administrators for delivery to targeted groups of stakeholders.

Standard reports can be generated and sorted by division, level, location, user, cost center or any combination thereof. All reporting is web-based with the option to prepare printable reports or export reports to various data formats.

Analytics/Advanced Report Authoring

Cornerstone Analytics also includes a sophisticated custom report authoring engine, allowing administrators to develop new reports from hundreds of available data points and subsequently apply filters and conditions to present a precise view of the desired talent data.

Cornerstone Analytics

Cornerstone is delivered on-demand, which enables authorized report writers to develop intuitive self-service reports that can be easily distributed to the appropriate decision-makers.


Authorized Cornerstone users can also access personalized dashboards for instantaneous access to any type of system-wide data, from a centralised and highly graphical view. Dashboards provide on-demand access to critical business intelligence for talent decision making.

Dashboards can be configured for specific roles, whether manager of specific lines of business, senior leadership, HR administrators, or other groups. Different classes of dashboards can be custom built, on the fly, with no prior programming knowledge.

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Integrated Talent Management bridges the gap between employee development and performance to enable substantial improvement in organizational capability. Attend this webcast and learn how Cornerstone OnDemand for Sage HRMS can help you attract and retain the right talent.

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