Tensar Corporation HR Software Testimonial

Dresser & Associates Engineers An Ideal HRMS Solution For Tensar Corporation

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Sage HRMS is the right HRMS tool for us, and Dresser & Associates is an awesome partner."

Tensar Corporation

Sage HRMS Proves An Indispensable Tool

Tensar Corporation is a full-service provider of specialty products and engineering services. Its products and services are used in the cost-effective development of commercial, residential, industrial, and municipal sites, as well as in transportation infrastructure. With a North American workforce spanning several states and numbering more than 300, the company requires a flexible and full-featured human resource management solution. At Tensar Corporation, that solution is Sage HRMS, backed by the capable team at Dresser & Associates.

An Indispensable Tool

Tensar Corporation implemented Sage HRMS more than two decades ago, but much of the power and functionality of the software remained untapped until Donna Peavey joined the HR Department as Payroll and Records Administrator three years ago. "Sage HRMS is a fabulous product, and I knew it was capable of doing more for Tensar," she says.

Tensar Corporation contacted Dresser & Associates, a premier Sage HRMS business partner for advice. "I liked them immediately," Peavey says. "Dresser & Associates is extremely easy to deal with and very accessible. They came on site and together we walked through the product and discussed ways we could really make it work for us. As a result, Sage HRMS has become an indispensable tool, a real workhorse."

Flexible Reporting Options

The reporting tools within Sage HRMS have proven to be a favorite of Peavey. "Sage HRMS Secure Query is ideal for quick inquiries of any kind. I can pick and choose the data I want and export it to my desktop, a printer, or to a spreadsheet," she says.

When a more sophisticated reporting requirement arises, Peavey turns to Crystal Reports®. Peavey hasn't come across a report need that the software can't handle. "Even the forms in Sage HRMS can be modified using Crystal Reports," she says. "Dresser showed us how to add employee vacation accrual data to the payroll check stubs - this has eliminated a lot of employee calls to our department."

Integrate With ADP

Tensar Corporation outsources its payroll processing to ADP and uses the provider's web-based time management software, EZ-Labor, to collect employee hours worked from each of its locations. Dresser & Associates configured the Sage HRMS Link module to transfer hours worked and vacation time from EZ-Labor into the Sage HRMS Attendance module. "Now our employees can request time off in EZ-Labor and when their boss approves the time, the information flows into Sage HRMS," Peavey explains. "No more manual entry."

Dresser & Associates also configured the Sage HRMS Link to send updated data back to ADP and EZLabor from Sage HRMS. "When we make changes to an employee's pay rate or their address or their benefits, the Sage HRMS Link pushes that information out to ADP so we only have to enter it one time,"

adds Peavey.

Overall Efficiency

Another favorite of Peavey's are the custom panels she can set up within Sage HRMS to organize and quickly access her most-used tasks and reports. "I keep four main items on my custom panel," she explains. "Rather then navigating several menus, it is so handy to go to one spot to view and launch the tasks that I use most."

The overall efficiency gains provided by Sage HRMS deliver the largest return on investment. "It's a completely integrated solution," notes Peavey. "Even though we outsource payroll, with Dresser's help we are able to link our HR system with Payroll. Our HR and Payroll staff has all of the information they need to respond to questions from employees and management and ensure that we are compliant in all of the states we operate."

Trusted Support

Peavey knows first hand that a knowledgeable partner makes the difference when implementing and utilizing a sophisticated software package. "Dresser & Associates has really helped us gain self sufficiency with Sage HRMS," she says. "Other support providers may try to keep you dependent on them for every question, but Dresser works to help us understand how the product works and how we can adapt it to our organization. We are very pleased with their support, it is worth every penny."

Peavey concludes, "Sage HRMS is the right HRMS tool for us, and Dresser & Associates is an awesome partner."

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