The Navigators Group Software Testimonial

Professional Partner Maximizes the Benefits of Sage HRMS

Gold Quote

The reason Sage HRMS works so well for us is because of Dresser & Associates. Without the right partner, any software can become a very expensive paperweight."

Garnet Vaccaro
Benefits and Payroll Manager for The Navigators Group

The Navigators Group, Inc. (Navigators) is an international insurance company specializing in marine, cargo, energy, and professional liability insurance. Navigators has a local presence in communities across the United States, the United Kingdom, Continental Europe, China, and South America. A publicly traded company with more than 450 employees in the U.S., Navigators strives to make financially astute decisions, and counts its partnership with Dresser & Associates as one of those choices.

Different From the Start

"We had been using another vendor to support Sage HRMS, but were very dissatisfied. Sage introduced us to Dresser & Associates, and from the first phone call with our consultant at Dresser, we knew they were different," says Garnet Vaccaro, benefits and payroll manager for Navigators. "It is not just their knowledge of Sage HRMS, which is extensive, it's their whole approach. They work to build relationships and provide recommendations that help us be more successful at what we do."

Simplifying Data Access

Dresser & Associates performed an in-depth review of how Sage HRMS was configured and how it was being used, and made several suggestions for maximizing the benefits of the software. "They showed us more efficient ways of handling many tasks, and those changes are saving us time and delivering better information to our staff," notes Vaccaro.

For example, the company had not been able to easily access and export data from Sage HRMS for use in custom reporting and other applications. Dresser & Associates' consultants set up reports for Vaccaro and her staff to use and provided comprehensive training on the application. "Suddenly, data that had been impossible to get to was unlocked," says Vaccaro.

"In fact, all of our reporting tasks are both easier and more accurate now," she adds. "With the training we received in Crystal Reports®, we can perform calculations on the data that before would have required us to export to a spreadsheet and manipulate."

Streamline Payroll Processing

Navigators uses ADP for payroll processing and had been following a cumbersome process to copy timesheet data out of Sage HRMS and into spreadsheets in preparation to send to the processor. Dresser & Associates stepped in to recommend Sage HRMS Link, an import/export tool that streamlines data exchange between Sage HRMS and other applications and has eliminated the redundant data entry previously required.

Leveraging the Investment

Navigators is currently leveraging its investment in Sage HRMS through the use of the Benefits Messenger component. "Benefits Messenger communicates directly with our insurance carriers and other benefit providers," explains Vaccaro. "It is saving us three to four hours each week over our old way of doing things."

Dresser also is helping Navigators streamline communications using Sage HRMS Alerts and Workflow, a business alerts and workflow solution that can send alerts to e-mail, cell phone, pager, fax, dashboard, or on-screen pop up. The software now notifies appropriate personnel about new hires, a manager change, compensation update, and other critical information. Vaccaro and her team no longer need to manually craft each e-mail; Sage HRMS Alerts does this automatically, saving time and effort.

Open Enrollment is always a busy time for an employer, and the Sage HRMS Employee Self Service (ESS) and Benefits Enrollment modules are designed to automate many of the tasks associated with open enrollment. However, Navigators had not been benefitting from all of the efficiencies the software can deliver because it had been improperly configured by the company's prior vendor.

Dresser & Associates quickly identified the problem areas and made the appropriate corrections. Now, Vaccaro says, the system works beautifully. "We completed our first open enrollment season using the self-service online enrollment module this year and it worked really well."

Upfront and Responsive

Vaccaro has nothing but praise for the support team at Dresser & Associates. While she has her favorite consultant, every individual she has dealt with has been excellent, she says. "Everyone is honest, upfront, truthful, and responsive. They take the time to walk us through solutions and always follow up to ensure we are satisfied with the result. Rather than a vendor, we think of them as an extension of our organization."

She concludes, "The reason Sage HRMS works so well for us is because of Dresser & Associates. Without the right partner, any software can become a very expensive paperweight."

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