Dresser & Associates Provides Blueprint for Success for GreenbergFarrow

Sage HRMS Streamlines Processes and Drives Efficiency

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Sage HRMS beats everything out there. Amortized over the years, our cost of ownership is very low; it definitely is an investment that has paid for itself many times over."


GreenbergFarrow is a fully integrated architecture, planning, engineering and development services firm offering a comprehensive range of services to the retail and development communities. With over 30 years of experience and having worked thousands of cities nationwide, GreenbergFarrow has an invaluable and unrivaled degree of knowledge and expertise. With eight offices nationwide and a large, distributed workforce of 300 employees, the company requires a robust and comprehensive human resource management solution (HRMS). For more than a decade, GreenbergFarrow has found that solution in Sage HRMS, supported by the expert team at Dresser & Associates.

Open Enrollment Efficiency

GreenbergFarrow was an early adopter of the Sage HRMS ESS (Employee Self Service) module. "Open enrollment for 300 employees was very time, labor, and paper intensive," recalls Jason Holston, human resources generalist for GreenbergFarrow. "It was too much work for the two of us in the HR department. We needed a tool to help us automate the process and eliminate the overhead and that is what ESS does for us."

Open enrollment used to consume two months of the year. "We had e-mail messages to send, seminars to hold, notifications to send out, packets to be delivered, and enrollment forms to be processed," Holston says. "Now the entire process is handled online, and when the process is complete we export data to Excel and send a file to our benefits providers. What used to take the better part of a few weeks now takes a few days."

Empower Employees. Minimize Overhead

The benefit of Sage HRMS ESS is not limited to the open enrollment season. Employees can access the system anytime to find answers to routine questions regarding pay and benefits. "Employees also use ESS to request time off, update their education, and change their dependents," says Holston."Before, each of those changes meant a phone call to HR."

Since empowering employees with Sage HRMS ESS, GreenbergFarrow has seen the number of calls to its HR department cut in half.

ESS Benefits Employees And Management

GreenbergFarrow operates out of eight offices in eight different states. "We don't have HR personnel in the satellite offices, and Sage HRMS ESS works very well to provide our employees easy access to the HR data they need," explains Holston. "Sage HRMS ESS offers all the advantages of a hosted system with all of the control and security of our Sage HRMS in-house system."

Outsourced Payroll Integration

The company has always outsourced its payroll processing, and recently switched from another provider to CompuPay. Dresser & Associates developed a utility that exports data from the company's time clock system to CompuPay and eliminates the need for time-consuming data entry. The utility also exports new hire information and address and benefit changes from Sage HRMS to CompuPay, keeping both systems in sync.

Alerts Keep You In The Know

GreenbergFarrow makes extensive use of the Sage HRMS Alerts module to keep employees and applicants informed about activities and pending issues. Sage HRMS Alerts sends e-mail notifications based on specified actions and trigger dates in the software.

"We have set up dozens of Alerts, for things like employment visa renewals, tasks pending for a new hire, and expiring professional certifications," Holston says. "The automated reminders help us ensure that important tasks don't slip through the cracks."

An Unbeatable Solution

Holston says that the company is frequently approached by software vendors offering other HRMS products, but GreenbergFarrow has never been tempted to switch. "Sage HRMS is the right product for a firm of our size that operates with a lean HR staff," he explains. "Sage HRMS beats everything out there. Amortized over the years, our cost of ownership is very low; it definitely is an investment that has paid for itself many times over."

Dresser & Associates plays a significant part in the company's long-term satisfaction with Sage HRMS. Holston says that the outstanding support the company receives is the reason for its loyalty through the years: "Dresser & Associates is easy to contact, unlike call centers where I press buttons and then wait on hold. When I call Dresser a person answers - one who knows me by name. In addition to being responsive and personable, they are also exceptionally knowledgeable about the software and HR practices."

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