Dresser & Associates Taps Into Success for Great Bay Distributors

Sage HRMS Helps Drive Efficiency And Cut Costs

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The efficiencies we gain with Sage HRMS allow us to keep our costs down while still delivering the service our employees deserve."

Great Bay Distributors

For more than forty years, Great Bay Distributors, Inc. has been at the forefront of the wholesale beverage industry. As one of Florida's largest distributors of Anheuser-Busch products, the company distributes more than 10 million cases of beverages annually. With 300 employees working from two locations, Great Bay Distributors needs a reliable and efficient human resource management solution backed by a top-notch support team and finds this ideal combination in Sage HRMS and Dresser & Associates.

Brewing a Great Partnership

Great Bay Distributors began using Sage HRMS back in the early 1990's. "We grew too big for my index cards," jokes Sandy Ho, vice president and director of human resources for Great Bay Distributors. "And soon after we outgrew my spreadsheets." While the company has continued its growth, adding 120 employees over the past decade, Sage HRMS has had no trouble keeping up. "We've had zero issues relating to our growth or the size of our databases," Ho says. "Sage HRMS easily handles much larger companies than ours."

Four years ago, Great Bay Distributors met the team at Dresser & Associates. "Our long-time consultant left the business and recommended Dresser & Associates," Ho recalls, "At first, we thought they might be too large to give us the personalized service we were accustomed to, but we need not have worried. All of the consultants at Dresser & Associates are friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive, and they know me by name. It was a very good move for us. We renew our support contract every year without hesitation."

Ho appreciates that Dresser & Associates has a number of ways of keeping her informed of changes in the product and trends in the industry. "They have a LinkedIn group that I follow and they often host web seminars that my staff and I attend to stay up to date," she says.

A Personalized Touch Increases Security

One feature Ho finds invaluable is the ability to attach a photograph of each employees to their main record in Sage HRMS. "I want to be able to give all employees the courtesy of recognizing them and calling them by name" she explains. "However, many of our employees are on routes and work early morning hours so I rarely see them. Being able to bring up their photo when I speak to them on the phone helps me associate their name with their face."

The pictures also serve as a security measure. When an employee Ho doesn't recognize comes to her office she always verifies their identify by looking at the photograph. "It is a quick and effective security check," she says.

In-House Payroll Pays Off

Great Bay Distributors depends on the Sage HRMS Payroll module to ensure the accuracy of its company payroll. Over the years, the in-house payroll solution has saved the company tens of thousands of dollars over the cost of an outsourced payroll provider. And the company is secure in the knowledge that the data resides on the premises and under its control with stout firewall protection and an established backup schedule.

Electronic time clocks are used to keep track of hours worked for the company's hourly employees. An import utility quickly transfers the hours into Sage HRMS Payroll.

Paperless Efficiency

Ho recalls the old days when she kept a list on her desk of what needed to be copied, what needed to be dropped off in the records room, and what needed to be researched in the paper files. "I was trying to be efficient, which is tough when you're relying on paper records," she says.

Sage HRMS has transformed her workday and eliminated the paper shuffle. "We never have to dig through stacks of paper or root through a file cabinet," she adds. "As a result we are able to get more done in less time. For example, when I take an employment verification phone call, I can look up the date and shoot off an e-mail to the requester - all while I'm still on the phone."

A Toast To Partner And Product

"Sage HRMS has truly been a good investment for Great Bay Distributors," says Ho. "Typically a company of our size would have three full time employees in HR, yet we do it with half as many. The efficiencies we gain with Sage HRMS allow us to keep our costs down while still delivering the service our employees deserve." She concludes, "When I call the consultants at Dresser & Associates with a question, I don't have to explain how we operate. They understand our business so well that I have come to think of them as additional staff members. They are always ready and willing to assist us."

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