Goodwill Industries HR Software Testimonial

Goodwill Industries Partners With Dresser & Associates

Gold Quote

Our organization values relationships, and it's clear that Dresser & Associates does as well. We've found the right company to take us forward."

Lee Bice, IT Operations Manager

Expert Consulting and Support Services Earn Trust

The mission of Goodwill Industries is to help people achieve their full potential through the dignity and power of work. Goodwill Industries-Suncoast, Inc. (Goodwill-Suncoast) is the central Florida branch of this highly-respected international nonprofit organization. With dozens of community support programs and 19 retail stores, Goodwill-Suncoast employs more than 1,200 staff members and clients across 26 separate locations. To successfully manage payroll and human resource operations for this large staff, Goodwill-Suncoast relies on Sage HRMS and the capable support and training services provided by Dresser & Associates.

Putting The Experts To Work

Lee Bice, IT operations manager for Goodwill-Suncoast, recalls how the organization's relationship with Dresser & Associates began. "We have used Sage HRMS for years, and therefore only need support infrequently. When we do need support, though, it's typically of a very high level, so we need experts. When our original support organization discontinued Sage HRMS, they recommended we speak to Dresser & Associates. I found them to be excellent, absolutely excellent."

Building Best Practices

Recently, Goodwill-Suncoast chose to perform a complete audit of its payroll and human resource functions. "The organization has grown and changed over the years, and we felt it was important to see if there were changes we could make in these areas to better suit the way we operate today," explains Bice. Bice asked Dresser & Associates to participate in the audit. "They made several valuable suggestions about ways we could configure the software to better suit our needs, and about overall best practices for payroll and HR," she says. "It's clear they understand our industry, the software, and payroll practices as well. We were very pleased with the outcome of the audit. I have complete confidence in Dresser & Associates' abilities."

Adapting To Change

Sage HRMS has been able to adapt to the changing operations at Goodwill-Suncoast, a fact Bice attributes to the software's ability to be configured and customized. "I really appreciate the flexibility built into Sage HRMS," she says, "It means we don't have to change our procedures to match the software, we can configure the software to work to our advantage."

Winning Features

Most of the organization's employees participate in the company's direct deposit program. The Sage HRMS Payroll module includes a feature to automate Direct Deposit. "Our employees love that they can divide their deposits among multiple accounts," Bice notes. Deductions, both employer and employee funded, are handled automatically by Sage HRMS, "We set them up once, and it's automatic after that," Bice adds.

Data Exchange Boosts Functionality

A team of two capable payroll clerks handle all payroll tasks for Goodwill-Suncoast's 1,200+ employees. Time is collected over the company's intranet using an application developed internally. Those time entries are then imported into Sage HRMS, saving the otherwise burdensome data entry task. Employee vacation and sick leave hours are exported from Sage HRMS and made available over the organizations intranet as well.

Bice pulls management information from Sage HRMS to post on the intranet for department heads to review. "I'll generate overtime reports and employee evaluation details from Sage HRMS to post there, and I even export data that goes directly into our organizational chart." Bice credits the organization's talented IT staff, and the open database structure of Sage HRMS with helping make this data exchange straightforward and reliable.

Relationship For The Long Term

Bice is pleased with the organization's partnership with Dresser & Associates. They capably fill the role the organization was seeking—providing expert, high-level support and strategic planning advice. "Our organization values relationships, and it's clear that Dresser & Associates does as well," concludes Bice. "We've found the right company to take us forward."

Sage HRMS and Dresser & Associates - driving efficiency higher and payroll costs lower for Goodwill Industries.

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