First Bank HR Software Testimonial

First Bank Places Its Trust In Dresser

Gold Quote

We wanted to build better business practices, reduce paper, save steps, and increase efficiency."

Lisa Rutherford, Senior Vice President
Director of Human Resources for First Bank

Community Bank Drives Efficiency with Payroll and HR Solutions

“There's Power In One” is the motto of First Bank, a successful community bank in Virginia. By serving and valuing the individual, First Bank builds a better bank, one customer at a time. With 168 employees working across a large geographic area, First Bank needs an effective and efficient human resources management system. Sage HRMS supported by Dresser & Associates is the first choice of First Bank.

Seeking Efficiency

Until the bank implemented Sage HRMS several years ago, it had used an older payroll application, but it lacked a formal system for handling human resource management tasks.

“We wanted to build better business practices, reduce paper, save steps, and increase efficiency,” says Lisa Rutherford, senior vice president and director of human resources for First Bank. “And we wanted HR metrics and analytics that were simply impossible without an HR system.”

The Right Fit

Rutherford says that the full functionality of Sage HRMS and its competitive price point were the primary reasons First Bank selected it. “In addition to core payroll and HR features, we wanted to add an employee self service system and integrate with electronic time clocks,” she says. “Sage HRMS offered what we needed at a lower price than the competition.”

The bank's strong commitment to service led it to select Dresser & Associates as its Sage HRMS business partner. “Dresser is very customer-service oriented. They are large enough to offer a number of valuable resources, yet small enough to know us by name when we call,” says Rutherford.

Better Use of Time

While the benefits of HRMS are often difficult to quantify, there is no doubt that the department has become more efficient – and more strategic. “Before our tasks were largely administrative: filling out forms, keying data, and answering questions,” Rutherford explains. “Now, with tools like the Employee Self Service module, we have been able to eliminate many of those routine tasks and work on more strategic issues like training and mentoring which provide greater benefit to the company and to our employees.”

Extended Options Add Value

Dresser & Associates introduced First Bank to companion products that integrate with Sage HRMS. One is a Web-based time clock application that transfers time and attendance data directly into the Sage HRMS Attendance and Payroll modules. Another is an employee recruiting application that interfaces the Sage HRMS HR module.

Easy Data Access

First Bank's goal to gain valuable metrics and analytics has been realized. “Reports help us analyze overtime, turnover, benefit usage, and much more,” Rutherford explains. “This kind of information was nearly impossible to obtain before. We are able to use this information to build better business practices.”

A Smart Investment

First Bank is realizing the benefits of its investment in Sage HRMS. “In the first year alone, Sage HRMS paid for itself through efficiency gains, error reduction, paper reduction, and productivity increases,” concludes Rutherford. “And Dresser & Associates has really helped increase its value through support, training, and resources.”

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