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What is Employee Self Service?

Since we are holding a spotlight session this week on Employee Self Service I thought it may be helpful to revisit what Employee Self Service is and why it is important.

Employee Self Service (also known as ESS) is an increasingly prevalent trend in human resources management that allows an employee to handle many job-related tasks. ESS allows employees to view and request time off, access current benefits and dependents, print pay stubs, and view job requisitions and training history anytime, anyplace via the Internet or an intranet.

Abra ESS automates activities such as time-off requests and W-4 form changes, and can save you considerable administrative time and expense associated with paper forms and manual processes.

Employee Self Service allows you to reduce HR administration time spent on routine tasks as well as:

˙ Access Personal Information
˙ Time-Off Management
˙ Benefits Information
˙ Payroll Information
˙ Manager Features
˙ Supervisor Features
˙ System Workflow
˙ Security
˙ Customization

To learn more about Employee Self Service download the ESS Feature Sheet or read Dawn O’Callaghan’s testimonial and article from Employee Benefits News. Be sure to attend the spotlight Abra ESS webinar this week to learn about ESS from other Sage Abra users!

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