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Top 6 Things Learned from the Hybrid Payroll Spotlight!

Today we held a spotlight webinar on the new Hybrid Payroll option featuring Kathy Pittsley of Henley Enterprises. The focus of this session was on in-house payroll and outsourced tax filing. If you missed this spotlight here are the top 6 things covered during the session:

˙ In-house/Outsourced Payroll Trends
˙ The Features & benefits of an integrated HRMS Solution
˙ What is a Hybrid Payroll Solution
˙ Features of Sage Compliance Services
˙ How does Payroll filing Services and year end printing work
˙ How Henley Enterprises used hybrid payroll to reduce their payroll costs by 2/3rds.

If you would like more information check out Henley’s testimonial. Also, check out one of my previous posts “New Hybrid Payroll Option: Companies are Beginning to Realize Big Savings with In-House Payroll and Outsourced Tax Filing,” for more information.

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