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Top 5 Ways You Can Provide A Motivational Atmosphere Improving Employee Retention!

Employee behavior is quite often a reflection of the guidance they receive from their superiors. So if managers are unmotivated, employees will be unmotivated. Thus, it’s very important to recognize that managers must establish a Motivational atmosphere by setting a positive example through the utilization of good leadership practices and attitude. Why is it so hard to motivate employees?

You Cannot Motivate People
People motivate themselves. Motivation has to come from within. The something that motivates employees and people in general is very different from one person to the other. There is no outside force that can motivate someone. The motivation that is sustainable is an internal motivation.

Money is Not a Good Motivator!
Money as great as it may be, is an external motivator. In fact, research demonstrates that after a pay raise, employees’ performance only improves for two weeks before returning to baseline. Any external motivator is usually fleeting.

What Motivates One Employee Does Not Motivate Another.
One of the key goals as an employer is learning exactly what makes your employees tick. It is absolutely different for everyone. Is it time with family, recognition, a job well done, service, learning etc. It could be a combination of things. But, the truth is just because something motivates you does not mean it will motivate someone else.

So, if you can’t motivate an employee, How do you provide a motivational atmosphere?

1. Motivating Employees Starts With Motivating Yourself.
You need to lead by example. Employees watch what you do and inevitably you will create a bunch of “mini-mes”. It’s amazing how, if you hate your job, it seems like everyone else does, too. Attitudes are contagious, you have to make sure yours is worth catching. Also, if you are enthusiastic about your job, it’s easier for others to be as well. Taking care of yourself first and making sure your duties are taken care of, will free you to see more clearly how others are doing in theirs, and allow you to help.

2. Align Goals of the Organization with Goals of the Employees.
Know what you want from your employee and make it very clear to them as well. Work with the employee set attainable goals that will benefit the company and motivate the employee. These goals should be measurable and when attained should be recognized and rewarded with something that will motivate the employee.

3. Understand What Motivates Each Individual Employee.
Your first step in providing a motivational atmosphere should be learning what motivates your employees. There are various ways to do this, but the most straight forward way is simply asking them. Have your employees jot down a few things on a piece of paper that motivate them and try to incorporate this into their job role. If your employee is motivated by time with family, reward them with time off. If your employee is motivated by travel create a contest to win a trip. Others may be motivated by learning, make sure you are getting those employees the training and challenges that they need. Knowing what motivates your employees allows you to redesign their roles slightly to make them more fulfilling.

4. Recognize that Supporting Employee Motivation is a Process.
No organization has the ability to change overnight. Creating a motivational atmosphere is a process. Once you have recognized what motivates your employees, you have what you need to start building a plan to incorporate it into their job. Finding what works for your company and what doesn’t will take time.

5. Support employee motivation by making it measurable.
Establish compensation systems, employee performance systems, organizational policies and procedures, etc., to support employee motivation. Once you have found the motivational systems that work for your organization establish goals. Make the goals specific, measurable, acceptable, realistic, timely, extending of capabilities and rewarding to those involved. Employees feel strong fulfillment when they know they have reached a goal and that they are making a difference within the organization.

When a company has motivated employees with clearly outlined goals, that feel as though they are contributing to the organization, and are gaining satisfaction from their position rather than just a paycheck, you will have an organization that attracts and keeps the best!

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