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6 Bold Predictions for the HR Department of 2020

The human resources department will be obsolete in a matter of years. All HR functions will be done more efficiently by software, or will be outsourced entirely. At least that’s what some are saying.
They’re wrong.
Although software has, and is, changing the way HR functions, rather than spell the end of HR, industry analysts and practitioners predict these changes will provide new opportunities for growth. Software Advice, a firm that …Read More

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Tips for Your HRIS Search

In Part 2 of this series, I cover additional “pain points” and common questions that arise during the HRIS sales process. My goal is to decrease stress, minimize wasted time, and smooth the progression from the initial search to a go-live date.
• There’s got to be a way to make this whole process easier, what else can I do?
To reiterate from the previous post:
1. Everyone’s life is simplified if you involve the right people from the …Read More

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