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Thinking back to my early days of college, I remember one of the fundamental concepts taught in Marketing 101 was that customer service includes what takes place before, during and after a purchase. Despite this elementary principle being reviewed on PowerPoint slides in lecture halls all over the country, the real world seems to have its own definition of customer service. I’m sure that I am not alone in having found that (in many cases) customer service does not exist once the money leaves my hand and enters someone else’s.

A few years ago, I was coordinating an out of state conference for my company. The Event Manager at the venue that we eventually chose was great in providing quotes, information on room sizes and available catering options. But shortly after I signed and faxed back a rental contract and provided her with credit card information, the prompt responses stopped almost all together. She was great throughout the “before” and “during” phases of the transaction, but what happened to the “after”? Suddenly it was nearly impossible to get phone calls returned or emails answered when I had a question about their audio equipment or needed to make a last minute change. Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation?

These common frustrations and Dresser & Associates’ long standing dedication to providing support and resources to clients – even after a sale has been made are the key reasons behinds the launch of a new program, “The Power of Partnership”. To find out more about what the program is offering to current clients and Dresser’s reinforced commitment to providing a wide range of HR and Payroll resources please visit:


And feedback is always appreciated! Dresser Customers – have you used any of the resources that we currently offer, have you found them to be useful?

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