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I Want to Purchase a New HRIS, What do I Need to Know?

KeyboardI sat down with the Director of Sales, Jeff Byrnes, to discuss the HRIS sales process and how we could make the entire cycle easier for all members involved. If you’re currently engaged with, or purchased a large system in the past, then you know that there are multiple areas that can snag up a project. And, if you are about to embark on this journey, I hope that the “pain points” covered below, and the straightforward guidance that I provide, will ease your stress and, ultimately, save your company the most important things: time and money.

  • I felt unprepared when speaking to the Sales person, what should I have known beforehand?

It is best to meet internally before pursuing any type of new HRIS, whether it be new HRMS, Payroll, or Learning Managment software etc. With your team, it is vital to develop a list of “needs” or “must-haves” in your system, and then create a secondary, “wants” list, with facets of the software that are up for compromise. From there, your team should identify, and have a good understanding of, what they would like to get out of a system in the next two to three years, keeping in mind the potential changes and areas for growth of the company. A system that is a good fit should be flexible, and have the ability to evolve right along with the organization.

  • I know that my department will be involved with the new system, but who else should I bring on board?

From the very beginning, ideally in the meeting(s) mentioned above, the following people/departments of your company should be involved:

  1. IT: you should alert them (before you start your search) that you are considering changing your current system, and then listen to their feedback. Trust me, I’m sure they’ll have something to say! From there, include them, when appropriate, in discussions with the salesperson, and have them make sure that the software’s system requirements are compatible with your current server environment. They’ll also be key in explaining the technical jargon that flies over your head!
  2. True Decision Makers: Not to burst your bubble, but just because you think you have the power to make this big decision, you may be caught with surprise when your CEO or CIO bluntly declines your proposal. To prevent this, have them involved from the launch date and make sure that they identify theĀ ROI of the new software. If they’re involved, they will feel much more comfortable with the purchase and be more likely to help you make it happen.
  3. Anyone Who May Touch the System: When you first pursue a new system the excitement may blind your ability to predict all of the possible members of the company who could utilize the system; a system that will not only make your life easier, but also theirs! Payroll, Recruiting, Training, Safety Managers, Benefits Administrators, and HR are all possible users of any HRIS system. Don’t forget to talk to them and include them when necessary.

Stay Tuned for Part 2 With More of your Questions Answered!

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