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Creating a Well-Developed Job Description

sales-job-descriptionA well-developed job description will be a key resource to help you review employee performance, select employees, develop recruitment advertising, and make sure your compensation is competitive so you can attract the best talent. Be sure in developing your analysis and description that you have adhered to all federal equal employment opportunity laws and applicable state discrimination laws.  If you have any questions, please consult an employment law attorney who knows your state laws.

The following are benefits associated with developing the job analysis and job description:

  • Providing essential job-related information necessary to making decisions on whether to hire additional staff.
  • Providing an opportunity to clearly communicate a job’s responsibilities and functions to employees and management.
  • Sharpening the focus on job functions, responsibilities and skills needed to meet the company’s business goals.
  • Playing a key role in performance reviews.
  • Helping evaluate compensation levels based on job requirements.
  • Establishing standards and requirements necessary to the selection process.
  • Identifying job functions that will require additional training.
  • Identifying health and safety risks and working conditions that may require special training.

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