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I Scream, You Scream

As a relative newcomer at Dresser & Associates, I have quickly seen the obvious commitment to client needs that everyone here is so focused on. With that, I got to thinking about the many levels of customer service that exist in the workplace.
With so many new technologies, I think it is easy to overlook the basic task of picking up the telephone to speak with individuals one on one. So many times, basic information can get lost in translation …Read More

When Things go Wrong

As the recent flooding in New England showed, you can never be too prepared when disaster strikes. Human Resources functions and especially payroll are critical to the ongoing mission of almost any organization. When things go wrong, the finger pointing starts and sooner or later they will be pointed at you. What can you do to prepare for the worst?
Start with these three things you will need, at minimum, in the event of a crisis or disaster. …Read More

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Dresser and Associates

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Technology is Meeting the Challenge of Today’s Recruiting Needs

Technology often lags behind the needs of the users, as software vendors design first to meet mega needs and then eventually refine tools to be more responsive to consumer requirements. Recruiting software is finally responding to some crucial areas of recruiting.
Focusing on key words searches worked back when jobs and qualified applicants were plenty. At a time when putting a round peg in a round hole was more important than getting the …Read More

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Safety Wins

In the past, OSHA was considered a collaborator—a resource available for answering questions, helping solve hazard problems and generally working with employers to create safe, secure work environments. All of this is changing. OSHA has taken on a new enforcer persona. Since the Obama administration has assumed authority, OSHA has seen a 13.45% increase in their budget and 12.92% increase in their FTE1 . This is gearing the agency up to send …Read More

Great Customer Service starts with the Right Attitude

We must decide to give every customer our best service, no matter how we feel, whether they deserve it or not, no matter what is happening around us.
The right attitude begins with our choice to feel good about ourselves. You cannot help someone else unless you feel good yourself. It is as simple as that. We choose our mood each day when we get up. We choose to smile or frown. Here are some thoughts on setting our mood, which in turn sets our …Read More

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