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BPM Introduction

I read an article the other day from the Technology Evaluation Centers, http://bpm.technologyevaluation.com, called What is Business Process Management (BPM)?

I found this article to be interesting, not because it is short and to the point. Not because I agree with what was written. The article provides a clear definition and benefits of what BPM is.

The point we want to make is BPM is not about just installing software and everything after that is peachy. It isn’t. It’s a culture. It’s a process. It’s involvement. It’s collaboration. And it is ongoing process. Continuous Improvement.

BPM takes time. It takes hard work and it does not happen overnight. But when done correctly, the benefits are astronomical. Business Process Management improves productivity, improves efficiency, improves quality and improves customer service.

More to come on BPM. Tell me what you think.

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