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Benefits Enrollment Software Creates Efficiency

“It’s the season for football games, Thanksgiving, holiday shopping and open enrollment. And because of that last annual event, HR professionals often don’t get to enjoy the other three,”says Daryl Ashley and Lisa Bright in their article, 5 Tips for Surviving Open Enrollment.

This article has some great tips, but the statement above doesn’t necessarily need to be true. This morning we had a spotlight session for Sage Abra Benefits Enrollment, here’s a small glimpse at what it was all about.

What is Benefits Enrollment Software?Benefits Enrollment is a complete benefits management system for mid-sized businesses. This product works to empower both employees and managers and reduce time and paperwork associated with open enrollment.

Managers have benefit administration control over the open enrollment process with comprehensive tools. Customize reminder messages for employees to finish their benefits enrollment, monitor progress by employee, quickly approve or reject benefit selections, and batch update plan changes to Abra HR.

Empower employees with detailed 24/7 benefit administration access to benefit plans over the Internet or an intranet. Step-by-step wizards guide administrators through the benefit plan set-up process, and walk employees through open enrollment. Year-round life events management allows employees to update information such as marital status and dependents. Eliminate the need for printed documents. Reduce time delays with online benefit administration that allows employees to enter their own benefit elections.

Combine Abra Benefits Enrollment with Abra HR for these benefit administration features:

Flexible Plan Creation
Automated Workflow
Life Events Management
Guided Enrollment
Benefit Plan Integration
Election Comparisons
24/7 Access
Administrator Features
Integration with Sage Abra HRMS

View the Abra Benefits Enrollment benefit administration feature sheet. Visit our website for a free demo to answer all your questions.

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