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Jim Munson is the President and CEO of Munson International. He has made a career of making clients feel right at home in any corner of the globe. Jim’s unique approach, based on 35 years of firsthand travel and relocation industry experience, streamlines the moving process, removing the stress so clients can manage this transition with ease. Jim has worked with leaders of multi-million dollar corporations, foreign dignitaries, and celebrities. He facilitated large-scale moves in the U.S. and abroad for corporations such as Hyatt, Michelin Tire and British Telecom. One of the greatest jobs managed by the Munson International team was the moving and relocation of the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. Munson is a Licensed Realtor. Along with his best friend, wife and business partner Elizabeth, he is involved with several charities and serves on industry boards such as the Georgia Council for International Visitors, World Trade Center Atlanta, and the Russian American Chamber of Commerce.

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