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Sage HRMS Integrated Learning and Talent Management

HR and talent management practitioners are faced today with daunting challenges. Workforces are changing fast – hierarchies are flatter, career paths are no longer linear, workers are more geographically dispersed, and generational differences are as sharp as ever. Ensuring that you have the right people with the right skills in the right roles and at the right time has a serious impact on your organization's ability to execute and grow. Leading organizations have shown that Cornerstone's 100% Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) integrated approach to learning management, performance management, succession planning, social collaboration and talent management software makes a difference that goes to the bottom line.

Execution is Not Enough: Move Towards Empowerment

Organizations that have survived during the recent economic downturn have too often focused exclusively on hard business results. This has led to staff cuts, tighter budgets and increasingly difficult workloads. It's created an environment in which employees feel overworked, undervalued and disengaged.

Moving forward, all employees (especially top performers) will need a deeper reason to stay and they will need to feel they are appreciated for their contributions, have the resources to do their jobs well, and have clearly defined opportunities to develop and advance within the organization. In short, it is a move away from employment and robotic execution and towards true employee empowerment.

Empowered employees are engaged employees. They have been given the tools they need to be productive leaders and contribute directly to the success of the business. They also value learning new skills and growing in their roles. And they have the tools they need to connect and collaborate with colleagues and others throughout the company.

  • An empowered workforce is more engaged (driving higher customer satisfaction and boosting the bottom line)
  • An empowered workforce is higher performing and more productive
  • An empowered workforce experiences lower turnover
  • An empowered workforce is more aligned with an organization's business goals

Talent Management Delivers Real Business Benefits

Industry analyst Bersin & Associates finds that organizations that take an integrated approach to talent management (1) are more capable of retaining high performers, (2) realize higher revenue per employee and (3) are generally better at responding to economic change. Research firm Cedar Crestone agrees. Higher use of talent management technologies is correlated with higher net income growth, sales growth, and sales per employee.

The Cornerstone Approach

Cornerstone OnDemand helps organizations of all sizes and in all industries increase employee engagement, productivity, retention, and alignment with organizational goals. It's that simple. The Cornerstone approach is based on three concepts:

  • Integrated approach to talent management drives better bottom-line results for your organization. This means having all the components of talent management under the same roof, presented in the same user interface, reportable from the same reporting tools, and administered in a highly flexible way.
  • Learning drives employee performance at every turn in Cornerstone because business alignment alone and performance appraisal in isolation are not good enough. Learning management makes performance appraisal actionable, succession planning meaningful and career pathing functional.
  • Multi-tenant Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is the best way to deliver value to your organization (and it's the only way we do business). SaaS is fast, cost-effective, secure, rapidly scalable, and meets the needs of some of the world's largest global enterprises. Don't be fooled by hosted or hybrid approaches – there's only one true multi-tenant SaaS model.

Solving Your Talent Challenges

If your organization is facing challenges in these areas, the Sage HRMS Talent Management platform is built to solve them:

  • Which employees are best positioned for leadership roles?
  • Our end-of-year performance review isn't working. How can we make performance measurement more meaningful?
  • What data do we need to build a real pay-for-performance culture?
  • How can we use talent pooling and succession plans to build a company that can better respond to change?
  • How can we give employees input into career development?
  • Are we developing the skills required by our employees?
  • Can the workforce access the history and experience possessed by their distributed peer groups?
  • How can we extend our training and certification programs to customers and partners?

A Modular, Highly Configurable Suite of Software Tools

Sage HRMS's itegrated talent management suite covers the employee lifecycle from onboarding through learning management and performance measurement to succession planning (and even outside to your customers and partners). Start with the full suite or use any of the five platforms separately. Choose a talent management system that can grow with your needs.

Learning Management for Sage HRMS Powered by Cornerstone OnDemand

Learning Management System (LMS) Compliance & Collaboration

Cornerstone's LMS allows you to create, manage, and deliver personalized training programs that bring together targeted, blended learning programs for all members of your organization. Includes over 30,000 pre-loaded e-learning titles from over 20 providers. The Learning Cloud also includes a complete Enterprise 2.0 platform to drive social learning, professional networking and meaningful collaboration.

Learning Management Cloud

Performance Management for Sage HRMS Powered by Cornerstone OnDemand

Performance Management, Succession & Compensation Management

A platform for performance appraisal and the alignment of individual goals with departmental objectives and organizational strategy. Go beyond simple assessment to link the outcome of skill gap assessments to development plans in order to close gaps. Reward employees for achievement against these goals and objectives. Identify promising talent and critical roles within your organization and ensure that the right people are promoted to the right positions. Engage your employees in their own career development within the organization.

Performance Management

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