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Assessing Your HRMS Needs

Sage HRMS: Communicate Proactively, Work Strategically

Assess Your Business Needs

  • Do you have a workforce of ten, a hundred, or a thousand?
  • Do you have trouble keeping track of recruiting efforts, especially online?
  • Do you need a more efficient way to keep track of compliance with federal and state laws, tax codes, and anti-harassment legislation?
  • Do you wish you could have a hassle and worry-free payday for less than you pay now for outsourcing?

With the HR challenges you face, Sage HRMS will meet and exceed the needs of your growing business.

Sage HRMS is the industry-leading integrated software solution for human resources and payroll management, offering the tactical decision-making tools your company needs to flourish in today's highly charged business environment.

An affordable Human Resources Information System (HRIS), Sage HRMS' e-capabilities allows companies to manage their personnel through two powerful main instruments, Sage HRMS HR and Sage HRMS Payroll.

Sage HRMS HR - Easily Manage Employee Information

Sage HRMS HR is a powerful, easy-to-use tool for managing employee information. A fully integrated program, it can help simplify benefit administration, manage employee training, analyze salary administration, maintain sensitive data, and more. Sage HRMS HR is ideal for businesses of any size.

Sage HRMS Payroll - Quickly and Accurately Process Your Payroll

Sage HRMS Payroll gives you the control you need to quickly and accurately process your payroll. Evaluate data, create special payroll runs, prepare payroll taxes, satisfy government regulations, and keep your data secure - all in one easy-to-use, cost-effective format.

Sage HRMS is the market leader in HR, benefits, and payroll solutions. With a single, fully-integrated database and powerful reporting tools, Sage HRMS helps businesses increase productivity and tackle challenging HR issues.

Learn more about Sage HRMS! See an online demo, register or log-in to access HR resources or contact us to see how Sage HRMS will streamline your HR administration.