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Hey Dresser, Make My Job Easier!

No matter your organization's size or focus, and no matter how long you've been in business, chances are you have employee management challenges. Optimal workforce management can solve many problems—for the human resources director, executive officers, IT manager, and everyone in-between. When Sage HRMS solutions are put in place, you'll have tighter controls over HR and payroll management. These benefits filter down to other functional areas of your business, so everyone from the top down can make better decisions, be more efficient, and work smarter. And this opens the door to greater profits.

How Will My Job Become Easier?

I am an HR Manager.
  • We take great pride in the fact that Sage HRMS has been created by HR professionals for HR professionals. Here are a few examples of how Sage HRMS can make your life easier:
  • Task and process focus
    The user interface within Sage HRMS is based on daily tasks; the tasks are logically grouped together and easy to navigate. As an example, tasks such as “Add Employee” or “Change Job and Pay”, are both in the “Employee” group of tasks. These selections will guide you through screens specifically designed to provide just the information needed to complete your task.
  • No overload of data
    The Sage HRMS database contains an enormous amount of data; it is an organization’s clearinghouse of information. Sometimes, though, too much information at once is counter-productive. Thankfully, Sage HRMS sorts through the clutter and only provides you with the information that you need on one screen at a time. Data is displayed in logical groups, such as “Demographics”, “HR Status”, “Leave of Absence and “Emergency Contacts”.
  • Powerful employee find function
    Search any employee or find a list of employees based on values such as, First Name, ID, Location, Supervisor, Salaried or Hourly, and many more. The powerful find functionality saves you time each and every day by instantly delivering search results on many different parameters.
  • Hundreds of reports
    The hundreds of standard available reports within Sage HRMS enable you to instantly provide management with the pertinent information they need. The reports are logically grouped to make it easy to find the right report. There are reports for benefits, OSHA and FMLA, skill information, wellness reports, and many, many more.
  • World class support
    Directly from within Sage HRMS, you can access the Sage HRMS Business Care Knowledgebase and help desk. Sage Business Care members can find answers fast, using the same knowledge base that our Customer Support experts rely on every day.
  • At Dresser, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with the best support in the industry. This means that if you have a problem or need to know how to do something in the system, help is just a click or call away. A few of the features include the ability to track the status of any open support incident online, and access to a File Library for instant download of the latest product updates, releases, and technical documents.
I am an HR Senior Executive.
  • Security
    Saga HRMS is protected by a comprehensive yet easy-to-configure security system. Who can see, modify, approve, report, or otherwise access information is defined by strict rules as governed by HR. You are always in control and no unauthorized person can obtain access.
  • Adaptability and customization
    The Human Resources department is in control of Sage HRMS software from day one. The flexible settings and customization capabilities make the system adapt to your organization rather than the other way around. From menu items to screen layout and organization-specific data fields you can easily customize Sage HRMS to fit your needs.
  • increased efficiency
    Sage HRMS can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of you and your HR team. The single point of entry, the task-oriented intuitive interface, and the many standard reports all combine to enable you to do more in less time and with incredible accuracy.
  • Service to the rest of the organization
    With Sage HRMS, you will have the tools to not only increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your own department, but also provide great service to the rest of the organization. Human Resources is of strategic importance to any organization and Sage HRMS supports you in this role and helps you increase the return on employee investment (ROEI).
I am a Finance Manager.
  • Increased ROEI
    The main asset of your company is your employees and your company invests heavily in those assets. Don’t underestimate the importance of attracting and retaining the right employees! Think about it as the company’s return on employee investment (ROEI). For maximum ROEI, you want your valuable employees to stay with the company and continue to use their acquired skills and experience to impact your bottom line, not someone else’s. Sage has many programs and options in place to help you become an employer your talent does not want to leave.
  • Integration with the ERP system
    Sage HRMS is a proud member of the Sage family of products for small and medium sized businesses. Sage HRMS HR and Payroll solutions integrate with many of the Sage solutions for ERP and accounting solutions. The integration between the different business solutions in your company increases the accuracy and efficiency, while reducing cost.
  • Reducing risk
    Almost 75% of all litigation against corporations today involves employee disputes.* The cost associated with an employee practices claim can be significant and is a constant worry of any finance manager. Sage HRMS can help companies stay compliant with government mandates, keep track of employee training, and in general lower the risk of lawsuits or penalties.
    *Source: Frankenmuth Mutual Insurance Company
I am a Senior Executive Officer.
  • Crucial employee related business information
    In order to create an environment in which employees perform optimally, managers need timely information, analysis tools, business process support, and other technology. Multiple parts within Sage HRMS work together to deliver employee related decision support. That’s why your most important asset, your employees, are in good hands and managed well with Sage HRMS.
  • High ROEI
    The main asset of your company is your employees and your company invests heavily in this asset. While most HRMS and HRIS solutions focus solely on cost reduction and the efficiency of the HR department, Sage HRMS does not stop there. Our solutions help the entire organization get the most out of their employees by obtaining the right talent, raising retention, and allowing management to make the best decisions. Think about it as the company’s return on employee investment (ROEI). For maximum ROEI, you want your valuable employees to stay with the company and continue to use their acquired skills and experience to impact your bottom line, not someone else’s.
I am a CTO or IT Manager.
  • Ease of use and implementation
    As an IT professional, you will appreciate the low level of involvement needed to install and run Sage HRMS. Built on industry standards, such as SQL Server™ and Crystal® reporting, Sage HRMS does not require any new skill or require detailed maintenance. With hundreds of standard reports built-in and ready to use, and innovative methodology like Sage Employee Analytics™, Sage HRMS makes it very easy for the HR professional to create database views themselves, without any help from IT. Generally, the HR professional does not need outside assistance and this allows you to focus on other key IT initiatives.

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