What Makes Dresser Different?

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Dresser & Associates is the leading Solution Provider for HRIS Software. We have been providing unique solutions for hundreds of businesses and offer them the most productive and effective uses of current technology.

Our mission is to provide quality services and cost effective solutions in order to ensure a successful implementation that is on time and within budget. We at Dresser & Associates are committed to providing products and services that meet our customers' needs and exceed their expectations.

You want straight talk... speak to our customers. We're not going to give you our best five customers to speak to... we're going to give you a list of 200 of our customers so you can pick which ones you want to speak with, not us. This is the only way you will get the information you need to make the right choice. Click here to see what our customers are saying.

As you speak to our customers you will find we are committed to their success. All the resources and processes that we have put in place are meant to assist our users to maximize the utilization of their system.

The most important aspect of your decision on which HRIS vendor will be best for your company is deciding who you feel the most comfortable with and who you feel will most effectively understand your business needs. How can you make that choice if you never meet the implementer?

In most cases individuals doing the demo will not be the same person installing the software. For most software companies the sales process involves sales representatives and then you meet the implementer after the sale has been completed.

We believe that the sales force and the professional service staff need to always be in sync. Therefore, the person responsible for implementation will provide the demo, assuring that all aspects of the solution we show you are "do-able."

Many of our customers tell horror stories of past implementations that they have gone through and the reason for failure was because there was no process identified.

A major key to a successful implementation is in our methodology. Most implementations fail because of poor planning and haphazard execution. We utilize a very structured implementation and training model to allow you to get up and running with your new HRIS as soon as possible.

We provide our prospects with copies of our implementation checklist, guide and training books so that they see our methodology. Having a structured implementation process put our customers at ease.

We maintain a large number of Certified Trainers and we are dedicated to the continued professional success of our HRIS clients.

We have developed and put in place processes and resources that will assist you in maximizing the utilization of your HRIS system. We offer comprehensive online seminar series featuring year-round basic through advanced interactive product trainings, providing end user trainings in computer centers near our customers and on site end user trainings.

Our level of support is unparalleled by any other software vendor. There is nothing more frustrating than waiting for a call back for support.

We have developed a cadre of the best consultants. We have more certified consultants who are HR/Payroll professionals than any other vendor. This cadre of consultants gives our office a list of seasoned consultants that are available at a moment's notice to provide assistance when our customers are in need of help. With our technology, we can assist our customers within minutes on their own desk top. We can provide you a list of our consultants and their backgrounds. You need this kind of information to make the right choice.

Customer service coordinators are assigned to each of our customers to maintain constant direct contact. They touch base with our customers to follow up on their support experience and to escalate open issues if required after they have called HRIS tech support for help. They contact our customers during their implementation process on a weekly basis until they have gone live and they also keep in touch with our customers on an eight week cycle to ensure they are doing well and to make certain they are aware of the resources we are providing, especially free sessions.

Dresser & Associates stands alone in its approach to educating its HRIS users in how to maximize the utilization of its functions and features. Dresser & Associates provides multiple levels of communications so that you can more effectively utilize your HRIS system.

We communicate on a regular basis via emails and faxes to our HRIS users.

We conduct regular user group meetings and once a year we hold a large user conference.

We provide resources on our website (Tips & Tricks, free bundles of customized reports, etc.)

We provide a bi-monthly HRIS user newsletter.

We conduct an annual HRIS user survey to solicit HRIS user suggestions on how we can better support our HRIS clients.

We offer a series of management seminars throughout the year to our HRIS users.

Dresser & Associates offers customers Social Media Tools to help maximize your Sage HRMS Solution. Share HR, payroll and talent management expertise in addition to best practices for use of the Sage HRMS Suite/HRMS solutions.

Join our LinkedIn group called Alliance for Workforce Management. This group is a national alliance consisting of Sage HRMS Consultants, Benefit Administrators and Technology Partners that offers integrated expertise, technology, services and solutions to help Sage HRMS employees redefine cost by streamlining HR, benefits, and payroll processes.

And read our blog that provides you with valuable and up to date information about Human Resource issues in the workplace.

Sage HRMS User Customer Portal - This valuable resource will help you become more effective in using Sage HRMS Products. It offers the most up-to-date product information, reports and software releases. You can also view educational materials such as informational and product presentations and catch up on the latest HR and Payroll issues. Sign up for the portal here

Features are important in any software but what is more important is utilizing all the features and functionality of the software. Again, we want to emphasize that the most important decision during your selection of a new HRIS system is who will help you utilize the full functionality of the software. Again, ask our customers if what we have said is true: that we are committed to assisting our customers maximize the utilization of their HRIS systems. You need this information to make the right choice.

Dresser & Associates believes that "one size fits all" does NOT fit all and that tailored solutions, designed for shared visions, strategies, and goals are the preferred way of doing business.

Please give us a call at 866-885-7212 or Contact Us and learn more about how Dresser & Associates can help you with all of your HR and Payroll needs.