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Sage HRMS Benefits Enrollment

Empower employees to make their own benefits elections and maximize your Return on Employee Investment (ROEI). Sage HRMS Benefits Enrollment moves benefits open enrollment online and saves countless hours, paperwork, and postage fees with the ability to make benefits elections through the Internet or intranet. Easy-to-use wizards guide administrators through the benefit plan setup process and guide employees through open enrollment. The entire organization benefits by significantly reducing time delays and errors due to manual processing.

Sage HRMS Benefits Enrollment also increases employee satisfaction by delivering full and detailed access to benefit plans and convenient year-round life events management. Employees can view and update information anytime, anywhere, including marital status, dependents, and even link directly to providers.

Sage HRMS Benefits Enrollment builds on the foundation of Sage HRMS to provide a powerful, reliable, secure, and complete benefits management solution. Take advantage of the invaluable savings across the organization and achieve optimal ROEI:

  • Empower employees to manage their own life event changes that impact benefits.
  • Integrate your benefit plan with URL links to benefit provider websites and post company-specific plan documents for employees to review online.
  • Give employees an easy, familiar platform to access information and make selections during the open enrollment process.
  • Offer employees the ability to compare current benefit elections with alternative benefit plans.

Get Complete Benefits Management With Sage HRMS

  • Employees can make benefits elections online with Sage HRMS Benefits Enrollment, which can then be approved and automatically updated in Sage HRMS.
  • Sage HRMS manages all types of benefit plans, defines eligibility criteria, and calculates premium and benefits costs for employees and dependents.
  • Sage HRMS Benefits Messenger closes the loop by electronically submitting annual benefit elections and new employee benefits elections to your carriers, streamlining the entire benefits management process.

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