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Sage HRMS HR Software Solutions in North, South and Central Pennsylvania

Dresser & Associates Lancaster, Pennsylvania Office
Mailing Address:
13 Whitefield Lane
Lancaster, PA 17602
Toll Free: 1-866-885-7212

Dresser & Associates' regional office in Lancaster, Pennsylvania for HR Software solutions including award-winning Sage HRMS. Dresser is one of the leading National Partners for Sage with customers in 38 states.

From the Lancaster, Pennsylvania regional office, Dresser & Associates is able to assist small and medium sized businesses throughout Pennsylvania face their HR challenges. Sage HRMS is an award-winning HRIS that provides payroll, human resources management, pain-free government compliance, training, benefits administration and more.

Businesses throughout Pennsylvania and the rest of the United States depend on Sage HRMS to manage their core HR and payroll processes, saving time and money.

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